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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ojas Tejas Speak

Lame Excuses
After a mosquito bit Tejas in the calf he says- Mosquito kaata. Ab school kaise jaenge? (Now, how will I go to school?)

Chor Chor Bhai Bhai
The kids bring a classmate's tiffin box full of biscuits in one of their school bags.
Next day I ask Ojas (thinking he will reply truthfully) - who gave you this box?
Ojas- Silence/ ignores/ looks away
Tejas mutters under his breath walking out of the house- Shivani (she is a classmate)
By the way- they know the names of all the girls in their class- I am not sure the same can be said of all the boys' names.

Help is a big word I use with them everytime I want them to do something.
They find me in the kitchen cooking with the half door latched. They want to come inside & cannot, so they shout out to me- Mamma, Help!

Self Brushing - with a little help
Mamma is not allowed to brush their teeth now. Forget brush, not even taking their toothbrush & applying paste. Since Ojas was unable to squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste, he tells me, very specifically - tum paste pakdo (you hold the toothpaste). And as I squeeze the paste out, he dislodges it onto the brush!

Cheeni Kam Hai...
Tejas wanted sugar.
He asks- Mamma, Cheeni...Cheeni... Cheeni kam hai! (song)

I drop Hubby's car keys and the remote opens up. Now Tejas does this regularly and asks us to snap it back into position.
But this time he calls- Dadda, see, Mamma tooti kiya, car key. (Mamma broke the car key)- All that while careful enough not to touch it and leave behind his finger-prints

Self Service- Benefit of Twins
-I sit on the floor with a pillow and the kids jump on my lap one by one from the bed. After a while, I say I am tired and go to sleep.
Undeterred Ojas takes a pillow and sits down asking Tejas to jump on his lap. Then asks Tejas to do the same service for him.
-Similarly I rock them on my knees lying down on the bed (in the process doing ab crunches). After I tire out, they do it for each other.
-When one gets stuck on a puzzle, the other helps out tactfully- just nudges him in the right direction without actually doing it-unlike Mamma who impatiently pushes the piece in the right position.
-Dadda gave them a ride on his back and then lay on his tummy and said now give me massage, I am tired.
So Tejas gave Ojas & Dadda a "ride on his back" and in identical fashion lay on his tummy and said "Tejas tired give massage"
Tejas- mudee engai
Me- pretending I did not understand else I would have to look for it
Tejas- helpfully translating-Mudee?? cap ? where?

Rolling the Rrrs Away
And they still cannot say R- so it is yaining, yoti, yabbit, Yong-Coyyect (wrong-correct), Zahul...

Added to the Able-to-sing list- O, O sanam (Dashavataram), Cheeni Kam hai, Gapu ji Gapu ji gam gam(Ojas-Tejas version).


After parking all their cars they call to each other and take "photo" with the car key remote- just as Mamma does for every little puzzle they do.

Chupa Rustam

I picked up a pouch lying around. Found it slightly heavy. Unzipped one of the pockets and found a sliver spoon tucked inside. Removed it heaving a sigh of relief at finding it and not going mad searching for it.

2 days later Tejas picks up the pouch and unzips the pocket muttering- isme spoon hai- there is a spoon inside!

And Reverse Psychology does work here- I just have to tell Tejas not to do something and he does it promptly- like no sleeping, no keeping foot on mamma while sleeping, mamma will not make you wear pajamas...


Monika,Ansh said...

Aww...really cute. Nice mommy to remeber so many things & jot down all at once. They both sound so cute.

DotThoughts said...

ROTFL-ing all the way to timbuktoo. delightful. delightful.

Mama - Mia said...

i cant even pick up the favourite quote!! :D

and yeah kudos to your memory for remembering all of it!!