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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Books Galore

Joined a local lending library recently to expand the horizons of my reading that has become very limited these days to just the authors whom I am used to reading or the classics where one cannot go wrong. So this whole collection of a variety of books is at my disposal physically and online at the easwari library.

Altoid recommended in another forum that the Shopoholic Series is a must try. I admit I had seen these books in the stores and had been attracted to them because it is so much like me in terms of the willingness and need to shop. But I never picked it up because it looked so frivolous and not something one should invest in. So I did the shubh arrambh (auspicious beginning) with Shopoholic ties the knot and spend a starry-eyed, fun filled 3 days glued to it.

What I liked-

1. The proposal- oooh so romantic - how I wish...

2. What goes on in her mind all the while is so realistic- it could be any one of us thinking that

3. The fairy tale fake wedding- yes, I am shallow and love such imaginitive stuff

4. The humour

5. Her shopping trips- How I wish I could be in her shoes...

And more than anything else, it is an escape - an escape into an imaginitive close to real world!

Also picked up Katha Prize Stories- a collection of Indian language tales translated to English and judged by eminent film industry personnel. The stories progressed in an engaging manner but the endings left so much to the imagination that it leaves one with a dissatisfied feeling. Not my cup of tea at all. Very rambling and not something that I would like to re-read

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Monika,Ansh said...

Happy reading!:)