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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Talking to My Teenage Self

If I had a chance to meet my teenage self Since I cannot really meet my teenage self (as in Harry Potter) and give her a lecture talk to her, I am blogging about it here.

- Don't struggle so hard on Biology or Geography. It really doesn't matter if you are not good at it. Don't sweat on the drawings- ICSE board will not make your draw diagrams or maps- they only make you label them. You have all the time to learn biology yet be clueless about the most basic stuff and bodily functions! You will realize in due course of time that your geographical knowledge is better than many people out there.
- Studying MSc Maths will not make you an Engineer.
-You will realize that you really don't want to be an engineer after all.
-You needn't worry whether you would be able to cook and run a house in future- you will.
-You cannot measure your worth in terms of the number of friends you have or whether you have a best friend. It is alright or rather the best to have many good friends with whom you can pick up from where you left anyday anytime many years into the future. And you will realize that these friends will not be current set of friends with whom you love to spend all your free time but you will find them towards the end of your teen years and into your twenties. More importantly you will have a group of like-minded friends bucking you up, cheering you and knocking sense in your head as you reach my age.
-Just because you don't top your class, doesn't mean you will not do well in your career. So stop feeling that you are unworthy and stop comparing yourself with the toppers (we hate them).
-Sometimes, just sometimes, stand up for yourself. Assert yourself. It is not necessary to please everybody
-Don't think you are fat now. There is much more to come. So cut that fatty snacks out of your life right now.
-Join a music class. You will forever regret not doing it.
-And you are definitely missing out a lot of fun not reading M&B's.
-So you judge people who have lover boyfriend, or laugh at couples necking in the parks in Mumbai or cringe at the thought of wearing sleeveless - as you cross your teens, you will do boyfriend, will feel sorry for those couples who cannot find a place to cozy up and strongly feel that there should be a proper lover's park and buy only sleeveless to save nearly 100 bucks on the cost of a sleeveless vs sleeved kurta! *Smirk*
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And on that note- Happy Birthday Hubby


Minka said...

Nice specially the part on Bio/Geo and the M&B's. in my tenth std study holidays, I ditched Bio/Geo and read M&B's like there was no tomorrow.

Hmm so hubby's b'day is just a day after yours?

Monika,Ansh said...

that was an interesting
& wow, u & your hubby are really a few hours apart. So, a joint pary planned?

Itchingtowrite said...

no no- we keep our parties separate! individual attention u see!

Indian Home Maker said...

Having a huge bunch of friends really mattered then! And I made close friends right until three years back and they are perhaps the best ones. it's great to have friends but when you are young nothing else seems to matter as much! This is one advise I would give to my teen self too...

artnavy said...

i so agree about the fat/ weight bit- if only . . .

Aditi's Album said...

You perfectly echoed all my thoughts when I read your title. Your blog is one of the first ones I visit every morning and you welcome me with your lovely posts everyday.

Great work Itchy.

Anonymous said...

M Sc. Maths hunh!!! Impressive. I am so with you on the Mills n Boons and laughing at couples koochie kooing in the shady nooks and corners

Mama - Mia said...


Sane advice indeed!! now if only we know all this then!!



Sree said...

please drop by and pick up your award here...

Itchingtowrite said...

IHM- i guess as we mature our choice of friends also become well thought out and one can judge better whether they can really be friends or not
aditi's album/ sree- thanks so much!
phoenix- no no i thought that msc maths made one an engineer ... but thankfully i soon realized thats not so
mama mia- yo!

Suki said...

LOL! Am 19, and already regretting having laughed at couples. Now I'm one of those looking frantically for some privacy! :P

La vida Loca said...

Awww soo sweet.
I am going to do this as a tag