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Monday, August 25, 2008

Forgotten Pleasures

Bubble Making
In our days it was a glass of detergent (Rin) and water lathered up with a (paper) straw/cone to make the bubbles.
I always turned a scornful eye towards the readymade bubble kit. Who buys that rubbish if you can just make at home.
Until yesterday when a neighbour presented a bubble kit to me for the kids. Oh, the fun we had. The advantage of this bubble maker being the soapy water doesn't enter the mouth by mistake if one sips in rather than blow out if using a straw.
At first it was just me/ hubby doing and the kids catching the bubbles. Slowly Ojas & Tejas wormed their hands into the bubble tube and started merrily blowing away and chasing the bubbles, catching them in their hands and giggling away.
But then I was too bored just holding the soap kit and decided that it was my turn now. So I stood up and blew bubbles of various dimensions and in various numbers and asked them to keep them afloat.
And Ojas discovered that he likes to gobble up the bubble so he was following them with open mouth! Uggh
Tejas discovered that he could blow the bubble and then catch it back on the bubble maker and blow it out again!
And did you know, some bubbles bounce also? Mine did, on the granite top.

Sigh! May the bubble never burst!
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artnavy said...

we completely love bubbles too- and they last longer when made with that solution rather than with detergent

Monika said...

i totally bubbles since i was a kid... now waiting for the time when ojas grows up and i can start making them again ;-)

Cuckoo said...

What fun. Brought back memories of bubble making in childhood. Did you manage to blow 'em near the window? The rainbow colors you can catch then are abs wonderful.

Monika,Ansh said...

total fun & it does not matter what age u are.......bubbles are always fun!

dipali said...

Ah, the best bubbles we ever made as kids were with shampoo. But we'd get a yelling if Mum saw how fast we were finishing of the shampoo:)

Mama - Mia said...

woman after my own heart!! i have been going ballistic with the bubble maker cubby got as return gift since he is too small to try!!

ooooh! i LOVE them! i blow them bubbles before i sleep every night these days! quite a destresser!!

and yes bouncing bubbles are so so cool!!

ok! before i start sounding stupidly maniacal, am gonna shut up!!



Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hahaha! Just like my Namesake, I'm pretty ga-ga about bubbles myself! Love the stuff! I blow them even when I'm in the shower!
Bubbles are a great, fun thing to do with kids! A real treat!

Quite a coincidence, as I was thinking about doing a post om bubbles myself! Sigh...looks like you beat me to it!