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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biology Lessons

Sister- Try to teach Human Body using the Biology text book- this is Vas Deferens
Also called- looking at the pencilled text above the printed label "Vas" and at the same time trying to juggle her memory on Biology basics- Chaminda (imagining that the teacher would have told in class the alternate terminology for Vas Deferens)
Brother- giggling - Didi, Teacher did not tell us the alternate term, I meant the cricketer Chaminda Vas


Indian Home Maker said...

Cricket and Indians :) This is the best way to remember names, to let it remind you of something day to day, what is more everyday for us than cricket ?

Anonymous said...

On your last post...atta girl! I agree with many many of 'em :) Some I have resigned to, some irritate me and some are good material for the fights I have with Prashant.
- Meera

Shobana said...

Ha ha ha...nice one Itchy!