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Friday, August 29, 2008

Lessons Learnt On This One Trip

  1. If you do not tell the company driver that you want to go to the airport, he will take you to the office while you are busy mugging up your presentation
  2. If you forgot to take the return boarding pass on landing and then get back to the airport via departure terminal and slip out of the departure unnoticed, then you are a woman
  3. If you do 2 above and do not slip out of the departure but get with held inside by the security, then you are a man
  4. The Security in that case will ask you to stay back and not get into town, for that important meeting because you have taken your boarding card.
  5. If the staff of the airline gets called to sign the register as a special case the Security will let you out after dire warnings
  6. Incase the taxi driver taking you to the client place switches the A/C off after a few minutes of driving, and rolls the window down, do not assume he is doing it to ventilate the hot air out. It means he has suddenly remembered it is a non A/C booking.
  7. Even if the car is booked in your name and you assure him you will sign it as A/C car and there is no problem in the spot change (you are a senior official after all), he will cross check with his company and the admin pointedly in front of you
  8. Some people will always give priority to lunch ***censored***
  9. In the client team of 25 people, 50% will not open their mouth because they are technical, the balance 50% are marketing and they will talk everything else except the marketing concept and positioning.
  10. So the lesson is never make a combined presentation to technical and marketing
  11. The person(s) who according to you score the maximum marks for class participation are most insignificant from a strategic point of view.
  12. If you book the later flight, your meeting gets over very fast and vice versa. And if you have less waiting time at the airport, you have an interesting book with you. And if you have more waiting time, you either do not have a book, or an internet connection that acts up every few seconds.
  13. Lounge cards prevent you from going overboard in eating from every available counter.
  14. Your cab driver will not know Hindi but the moment you ask him to go for the day (unexpectedly) he will understand perfectly wel
  15. You will NEVER get a car with FM / radio fitted into it. It is always someone else who gets it.
  16. Banjara is a nice place despite the space shortage- The buffet here is at Rs 250 and the tandoori chicken with an external masala coating is toppers I am told (yet to try)
  17. And finally, Bangalore Airport Rocks!


Anonymous said...

:) I second the FM stereo and the airconditioner ones - have experienced them

chandni said...


u have to see hyd airport, its so much cooler than even the new bangalore one!

Mama - Mia said...


tell the bangaloreans that the new airpot rocks nad chances are you will be shouted down so totally!! hehe!!

awesome post!!



Renu said...

very interesting:)
and you sons look very cute:)

Monika,Ansh said...

ok , cool.but u make me nervous. i have a lot of travelling to do this month.