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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Household" Hints...

...For Smart Moms
1. Very often one will find their plastic mop handle broken (by the earnest kids) while the mop itself will be in good condition. Do not throw away the mop. Reserve it for the times when the kids want to play "mopping the house" and give it to them instead of the adult size new one.
Same goes with old brooms. They are shorter and more handy for kids to "clean" the floor.
2. If your kid wants to make rotis- do not give them the flour just in case you don't want your home to be messed up. Give them tiny cooked rotis and if possible their own mini chakla-belan and ask them to (re)make the rotis. This method is less messy and the kids could eat their rotis also. Or else try the play-doh.
3. Ensure that you use specific vessels for specific cooking - like a particular pan for eggs or a particular spoon for dosa or parathas or bowls for kids. That way you can just tell your kid you are making egg and (s)he will pick out the right vessel correctly (unlike your husband or anyone else) and hand it over to you in a jiffy.
4. Do not buy duster for your kid's slate. Use their old-T-shirts.
5. No need to buy books for teaching them various transport vehicles- any old magazine will do. You could teach them the various models too which is not possible if you buy a simple kiddie book.
6. Try to buy as many products that give a free plastic box. They are great for storing puzzle pieces. I favour Baggry's oats, Parle cheeselings. You could also visit all (South) Indians homes who invite you for Golu etc- many of them give plastic boxes as takeaways and they could be put to good use as discussed.

7. Reserve your plastic cake knife that comes complementary with some "birthday" cakes- they come handy when your kid insists that (s)he needs a knife to play with.
8. Odd jobs like putting the fresh milk packets in the fridge, opening the main door when someone rings the bell, watering the plants, keeping plates in the basin or clothes in the washing machine can be easily delegated to the kids.
9. Especially for twins or siblings of similar age, bath times can be made faster if you have additional mugs. Just soap one kid and while you are soaping the other kid, make the first one to wash off by him/herself. Or sometimes they could wash off each other while you get other stuff like towels, clothes etc ready.
10. And the most profitable one- incase you need a massage, do not spend money- ask your kids to jump on your back. And incase you need to work out your abs- just lie on the bed/ mattress, fold your knees and prop the kid on your feet. Do the ab crunches with them on your feet- a multipurpose exercise cum play routine that benefits you and your kid. If you want to increase the weights- just have both of them on your feet together.


Anonymous said...

I am the first! Did I win the IPod? Some more hints - if an egg breaks on the floor sprinkle some atta on it, then simply sweep it off with a broom.

Broken pieces of glass can be picked up with kneaded atta - its safer

aargee said...

hahahah! Good one! You are a smart mom! :)

Monika,Ansh said...

hahaha.....really good ones & very practical. My hubby uses the "jumping of the back" every morning.In fact today he insisted even after Ansh was all dressed up & wearing shoes. I had to vehemently put his request down!!

Monika said...

very useful and smart tips

Mama - Mia said...

and the smart woman speaketh yet again!! :)