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Friday, August 01, 2008

Whoever Said Pink is For Girls Only...

...May Not Have Seen Ojas & Tejas.My Metrosexual Males wear Pink
-Pink Shirts, Pink Pajamas, Pink Bottles, Pink toothbrushes, Pink Books, Pink Blanket- you name them and they want to have it in Pink...

-They often get gifted in matching pink & blue

-Initially Ojas used to select blue and Tejas pink but slowly their tastes have started changing- now Ojas takes pink & Tejas takes blue.


Monika,Ansh said...

aww we have such cute metrosexual malees here & sure they look great in pink.

Mama - Mia said...

yay to the young metrosexuals!!




सुजाता said...

hmm....sounds interesting .i came to know the role of colours in gendering phenomena very late :-( but things are changing !!

see this post -

artnavy said...

good job is breaking gender stereotypes

way to go ojas- tejas and un key mom!

Anonymous said...

Super lesson so young in life... of course tis' wonderful to be a metrosexual :) Am hoping to teach my son the same when he is a few months older.
- Cuckoo

Shobana said...

Yay to the metrosexuals. The one time, I put a pink shirt on Naren, to the hospital, the nurse put down his sex as Female, despite having checked his little assessts nested in the diaper :((

Anonymous said...

I used to love dressing them up in maroons, pinks, oranges etc ... but once they grow up nothing girly will do for them ... they themselves chose more "masculine" colours ... sigh!!!

Cuckoo said...

Hey ITW,

I want to shop for some infant clothes for my li'l one (he is two months old now) when I go to Chennai next month. Could you plese let me know if BabyWorld (that you mentioned in Besant Nagar) stocks clothes for infants? Could you please give me directions for the shop? Where else can I find stuff in Chennai? I am going to be staying in K K Nagar.

Sigh!despite being from near chennai, I barely can find my way around the city now!


Sukla M C said...

talking of pink ...

I actually seen quite a few shirts in the "perfect shade of pink" ... of late .... and actually picked up two of them..

One shirt does get a lot of comments ranging from Elegant to s*** .. he he he..

:((( too bad the perfect shades r alwaays a little pricey