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Friday, August 15, 2008

Here Are the Pics

...Of the New Puzzles ...

wooden board and puzzles with a sheet of paper carrying the complete design.
And these picked up at Pudhumai Fair in Pondicherry- all wood- Rs 40 each

Now do you think that just because I did a lot of puzzles during pregnancy, there is a rub-off on them in terms of their interest in puzzles?

And this is another of "my kinda T shirt" picked up at Cents & Pence, Gandhi Nagar.


Manasa said...

I liked the last pic :) Nice pick.

SilentOne said...

Wow love those puzzles.. wood you say, how interesting.. and that cost, how incredible... makes me want to visit pondicherry now !!!

Monika,Ansh said... u got a whle lot of puzzles. I am sure that'll keep the little guys occupied for a long while.
Love the t-shirt!

Mama - Mia said...

great shopping!! all of it!! the bright puzzles and the very cool tee!! :D



artnavy said...

anush loves those puzzles u gave her- thanks!!