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Monday, July 04, 2011

Carte Blanche

A fast paced thriller that leads James Bond us from Serbia to Britain to Dubai to Capetown in a series of interlinked discoveries on crimes about to happen.
A 400 plus pager that is covered over a week’s time, keeps the reader hooked on.

It has a whole range of complex characters with complex business dealings, the key ones being-

The prime suspect- Severen Hydt- the enigmatic rags and bones businessman who has made his money in the recycling business- and has a serious case of necrophilia.

Niall Dunne- the right hand man of Severen- the man who thinks about everything.

Felicity Willing- The willful lady who runs International Organisation Against Hunger

Bheka Jordaan- the local police officer in Capetown

The story unfolds with James Bond getting a whisper of message that indicates an operation that will cause several deaths and conflict of British interests. The nickname of the perpetrator is Noah
The operation starts at Serbia- where Bond foils Niall Dunne’s plan to blow a goods train carrying the deadly methyl isocyanate. Niall manages to escape but James Bond traces him to Hydt and follows him March in England where he suspects the next operation to take place.
Drawing a zilch, he gets wind of Hydt’s plans to go to Dubai where he discovers that Hydt is there just to see an exhibition of a mass grave.

Hydt leaves for Capetown and Bond follows him there.
He also gets in touch with Bheka Jordaan here- the local police helping him out.

Using a unique business model to lure Hydt, he gets closer to him and infiltrates into his operations. He befriends Felicity who helps him understand the workings of Hydt’s operation.

Bond discovers that the code word for the attack is Gehenna and while inside Hydt’s premises he discovers Hydt’s blueprints to get access to highly confidential documents and also to organise an attack and indicate links to Serbia to misguide everyone.

Bond also realizes that Gehennais not at all linked to Hydt and he is just a distraction.
In the final moments of this thriller, we discover Bond’s ingenuity by which he uncovers the key person behind the entire operation.

The book is very exciting and from the word go I was hooked on to it.

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