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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Police

The day Mamma gets delayed.

The Boys- Mamma, where are you
Mamma- lies through her teeth- I am in office (not restaurant/ shop)

Boys- kyon still work kar raha hai (why are you still working)

Mamma tries to tell in a sympathy gathering voice- work is there that's why

Boys- where are the aunties from office (meaning are rest of the colleagues also working)

What time will you come. Will you come by 8 o'clock?
Or will you come only by school time
(meaning if I come home after they have slept, they will see me only next morning and will howl- Bole they.. ki school time mein tum aegaa)

Not even the husband has ever asked me such questions ever.
In fact he is happy if I am late- he can happily watch TV and do all the things I hate.


Ritu said...

My younger son does that. In fact I call him my mother in law ... the tantrums he throws when I get delayed

mygrahakblog said...

Great Stuff!!keep it up

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