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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Beware the Blogger Observes- Passport Office

1. Just give the tokens- don't keep randomly screaming- move move, be in queue- the security will do that.

2. Just because the rest of us are not in the queue reserved for the elderly, it does not mean we do not want to sit while we wait. That too if the waiting time is 1 hour plus for just the counters to open.

3.You watchmen- your only duty is to come every 20 minutes and pull the plastic chairs from under our butts and ask us- what is your age? You can sit only if you are in Queue E.

4. So you are used to coming in at 9.40 am to open the counters. Doesn't at all look like a logical opening time. Why can't you guys see that there are people waiting from as early as 6.00 am.

5. Ah there you are. Sauntering in at 10.45 am. Thank God you are responsible for the elderly people queue- Atleast they are not standing like us.

6. Yup I am standing in the queue reading my book. I would like to have some peace. Why the hell are you buzzing in my ears speaking loudly in an annoying monotone. Just a decibel louder than sound designated as background noise.

7. Would you care to be a little quicker than what you are? We do not have all the time in the world. The next queue is on number 10 and you are still on number 6. even though you came just 5 minutes after the next counter clerk.

8. And yes, you who are the number 10 in my queue- even if you stand right in front, you cannot go ahead of us. The token numbers are called and you need to go as per that.

9. Just because she is burkha clad as you are, I will not assume that both of you are together. So doesn't make sense pressing against her in the queue and squeezing me out of my rightful place in the queue- which is between both of you.

10. And no. I will not be squeezed out. I will elbow my way in and sweetly and innocently ask you- are both of you together?

11. And of course I feel cheated being in the cattle class queue for payments. After going quickly through tatkal queue.

12. Where were you when God was installing the brains? Do you really think you can park in the path intended for vehicles to drive out of the parking lot?

13. Arre jugaad ki bhi hadd ho gayee? You are collecting additional Rs 5 per car parking token for tea?

As usual- crediting this genere of posting to kiran.

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