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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The dreaded home work has begin. Good in a way because now I feel they are learning something in school apart from the extra curicullar activities.

This time it is not very simple. There is a lot of comprehension and writing involved.
And also a dictation test.
We got a set of words that they need to prepare for the next test.

The steps that I followed to get them practising-

1. Ojas dictates to Tejas and vice versa so that each gets a hang of the words as he dictates
2. I dictate to both (and stop mid way, yawning away to glory)
3. The husband dictates to bot the next morning and identifies the problem words.
4. The husband gives them only the problem words to repeat 10 times verbally and subsequently to write 10 times .
5. Afternoon, I take out the scrabble (yes, the same scrabble you gifted AD) and dictate the words and they make them on the scrabble board.
Let me add, I am extremely proud of my ingenuity.
I found this by far the most interesting method apart from the method involving dictation to each other!

Edited to add- also ask them to repeat the spellings in the car during school drop time.


Andy said...

My pleasure dear!!

Gayatri said...

- We are doing all of the above
- except the dictation to each other (sigh!)and the scrabble bit
- scrabble is a brilliant idea...will try :)