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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The kids had to dress up as Helpers of the Society in school- which means dress up as a professional.

The easiest way is to find out what they want to be and work around. There were choices tossed around like doctor, fireman, gym instructor, artist and so on, until the final decision was taken heavily based on the props each one of them would be allowed to carry.

Ojas decided to be a policeman and insisted the dress could be either in blue or brown.

Saved me the trouble of looking for khakis.

The attire was a blue shirt, dark blue pants, a spiderman walkie talkie tucked in one pocket and a gun attached to his belt. A label was stuck on his pocket with a 2 way tape announcing his name and designation. He wore a normal blue cap. The only thing missing were the stars.

Tejas decided to be a CEO. The same shirt was used and he wore a tie given by D Mami. A mobile phone inside one pocket and a wallet with credit card & visiting card in another pocket. I stuck a label CEO on his old school ID card and he wore it round his neck.

I guess that completed the look. I Would have loved to give him his toy laptop if I wasn't worried it will get broken/ misplaced in school.

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