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Monday, July 04, 2011

The Elemental Warriors

World plastic free day was yesterday.
In keeping with the spirit of the objective, here's a review on Dr Rajaram's book published by Rupa is an attempt to give us a green thought a day to help Planet Earth .
The book begins with poems in the voice of the Elemental Warriors-Air, water, Fire and Earth, who take us through this journey of hope.
The most important part is the One Eco Action a Day Calendar that gives us one action for each day that contributes towards the environment.

From simple thoughts like utilizing left overs and closing the tap while brushing, there are some fresh ideas like
- Throw a green party- use only eco friendly leaf plates
- Recycling batteries
- Toning down the printer ink while printing
- Energy audits to assess wastage quotient in a home
- Buying better quality products rather than cheap use and throw ones
- Planting trees on the sunnier side to help keep the room cooler
- Scraping dishes clean before putting them in the wash to help save water better
- Work the fat off- it seems fat people produce a tonne of extra greenhouse gas per year.
- Refrain from using curtains during day time so that one need not use the lights
- Using fans rather than a/c
- Starting a new earth friendly habit and spreading the word

So what’s your green thought for the day?

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