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Monday, July 11, 2011

Men are Born, not Made

Talk about boys starting to become men early...

The types who cannot hear even if me the Mamma is shouting at the top of her voice.

And the types who cannot locate stuff even if it happens to be right in front of them.

And why do I say this....
Picture this...

4 kids are playing hide and seek.

There are three police- three little boys.
The thief is a little girl.

(Forget the fact that the concept of hide and seek has one seeker- here they play it differently)

The little girl chooses to hide in the living room right on her father's lap - in full view of everyone.

The little boys run all over the house- looking inside dark rooms and corners, inside the kitchen, run all over the place, together- mind you- theyd on't think they should search in different directions... and yet they fail to find the girl sitting right in front.

Ufff... men!! They learn to be men early!


El Nina said...
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Cocktail Party said...

That was so funny:O..I must say that the lil thief outsmart the lil police men....

Swati said... could not have been better..that was a smart girl I must say and yes ..I always wonder why men cannot find anything ..the two men in my life(father and son) are just the same and they will cutely say do you always manage to find things :P