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Monday, July 11, 2011


Soulmates is a book of 13 short stories set in Nigeria-with liberal references to yam, wrapper, head ties and a novel term like co wife.

The stories straddle the Indian and Nigerian culture and traverse across insider and outsider point of views.

These are slice of life stories- some have a definitive ending, some don’t, and may be interpreted in different ways.
They carry the flavour of Nigeria with an Indian connect.

An easy to read, slim volume, depicting the simple yet multi faceted business of living.

Soulmates- story of Uncle Wahab, who is a wanderer and finds a place to grow his temporary routes in a household

Testimonies- a story of confessions and tolerance with a twist in the ends

Blessing in Disguise – is the story that introduced me to the concept of co-wife. An old man takes a younger wife and claims- she is going to be a wife for both the husband and his aged wife- but in a surprising bid for freedom, the aged wife takes a decision for herself.

Golden Opportunities- an enterprising woman Kemi visits her friend and tempts her to join her in enterprise.

Jaded Appetites- a story of being in love with a married man

Greener Pastures- story of a single woman separated from her husband and her survival game

Borrowed Feathers- Sophie flies into a rage when she sees her husband’s lover sneak into her house

The White Rooster- A wife struggles with her husband’s adultery.

Exile- a Daughter in law embraces her Mother in law out of turn

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