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Friday, July 15, 2011


This is a fast paced story based on the dark side of the cricketing world.
On one side there is mass hysteria for cricket, so much identifiable by any reader, irrespective of whether one is an arden t fan or not, and on the other side is the extreme behaviour of fans when the idol falls from grace.
Tarun Krishna is the Mr Clean of the Indian cricket team- a happy family comprising a media shy wife and two beatific children, a cricketing career growing by leaps and bounds and a clean image- not even a whisper of controversy or a shadow of aspersion cast on him.
In a span of a few hours, all is lost. A journalist walks into his cabin alone. And the next day breaking news on Infront news channel sends Tarun’s image plummeting down. An ex model claims to be the mother of his illegitimate son. Photo shopped images of him with his ex girl friend Aditi – also a journalist with Infront are splashed all over and a new counter has been started called- Tarun-o-meter- counting the number of girls claiming to be ex/ present girlfriends of Tarun.
Effigies are burnt, his home is surrounded by the hungry media, and above all, his wife has lost faith in him and his trusted PR agent is missing.
A case has been filed against him and Taurn lands up in jail.
His ardent fan Sunny vows to save his name.
Using his geeky skills he hacks phones and laptops and discovers Godse- the one who has contacts all over the place and together with Aditi they set about to save Tarun’s name and raise him from fall from grace.
But there is a twist in the tale. There is a larger game that is being played and someone very powerful is controlling the buttons.
A slim book with small, easy to read chapters, this one can be read in a couple of sittings.
The characters are realistic and I find Sunny’s Dad a very ideal cop figure- one who may be hard to find in this corrupt world. Tarun’s wife seems to be extremely mysterious- I feel that loose end has not been tied by the author.

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