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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pertinent Questions

1. I leave home anytime between 7.45 - 8.00 am. And the husband's car leaves home after 2.00 pm. What compels the car cleaning guy to clean the husband's car first and then mine. Just the fact that his car is parked 1st in the peking order?

2. Who, I ask who the F is crapping in the building lift every morning? Rather why is he doing it there- I am pretty sure it is a he.

3. What makes people do exactly the opposite of what instructions have been given?

4. What makes people blame the kids even if the mistake is theirs?

5. Why is the neighbour's kid always punching the other kids in the stomach? And most importantly why is the mother not bothered to correct the child?

6. What causes people to hoard obviously useless stuff? One person's trash is other person's treasure and all that being true but some stuff has so obviously lost their usefulness that the best place for them is the trash box. Especially nowadays, when space is a constraint.

7. Why am I always short of 5 minutes in the morning?

8. Can't people use common sense? Or if that is too much of an effort, can't they read the notices in the toilets- Do not throw tissues in the toilet- throw them in the dustbin?


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Hip Grandma said...

Congratulations. And the question you've raised are mine too.

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