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Friday, July 08, 2011

One Stop Shop

Quick...Just 3 days left for a chance to win a Dell Inspiron Laptop. And since I am desperate to get a laptop in colour...away from the boring blacks, greys and silvers, here I go with a post that tells you the all important fact about myself- how my gadgets represent me!
So just reiterating- here's the details of the contest

Blog and win a cool Dell Inspiron laptop!
Do your gadgets reflect your personality in any way? Tell us how and win an awesome, top-of-the-line
Dell Inspiron Laptop with a customizable cover that represents who you are!

Now notice how I steer clear from writing about a laptop- because I no longer have a laptop at my disposal- basically, I make it clear how desperate I am in need of the laptop.

So I write about one gadget that completely controls my life. I run my life with the help of what is called a mobile phone.

Let me tell you, at the outset, I hate people who are forever glued to their mobile. Forever peering into it looking for mails and updates and sms. It disturbs, it annoys and it insults. Anyone doing that looks like a silly wannabe to the boot.

Those who switch on their mobiles the moment the airplane touches down, or answer their mobiles during meetings or appraisals... I find them to be the most annoying breed of all.

It is you who control the gadget not the other way round.

So with that off my chest, I confess. I always went for the most basic and as cheap as possible mobile phone because to me mobiles were just to take and make calls and sms.
Until as recently as last year, I never gave much importance to the make, the colour and the features of a phone because they were really not important to me.

Until the time I got my E 63. In bright maroon-red colour as against the standard functional black or grey.

Unexpectedly it added a spot of brightness to my day...err hands or table or wherever I kept my phone.
It started feeling good- holding the heavy and wideset phone in my hands. It felt just right, after the harrowing experience I had with my previous phone...a Motorola that first lost its sheen, the black paint was gone in a couple of months. Then the screen cover came off and then the key pad came off. I had a tough time using the phone after changing the entire front and back of the phone I stopped sms-ing, I stopped wanting to make calls as I couldn't hear clearly. Until I got the Nokia.

I realised that the phone is not justa device but since so much of my everyday activities depend on teh phone, I need to have one which is easy to operate, multifunctional and technically without snags.

Buttons that move like a dream and a software that is quick.

Ina short while, as all you blog readers may know, I got the N8. A step beyond the red- in bright metallic orange. A colour that truly represented me. More than the red.
A touch phone- something I wouldn't have dreamed to use. I always found touch phones annoying. But in a few weeks- I got so used to the touchphone that i find myself tapping the screen of laptops and other non-touch mobile phones.

And this has a 12MP camera with oh-so-good clarity that I cannot believe that I have finally crossed over completely. I use this to record the little moments of my life. The camera hasn't come out of its huiding place since last 2 months.

So now my phone was used as a variety of gadgets
1. a phone of course- one that helps you keep track of the important people in your life.
2. a calendar- My phone is usually full of to-dos. I do not know what i will do without them.
3. a camera- with 12 mp you do not get such a bad deal
4. alarm clock of course- with multiple settings- a weekday alarm, a weekend alarm, different timings in a single day. It couldn't get better- or could it?
5. as a laptop- I access FB, the blog, mails... google on the phone. It is so quick,s o easy and you needn't boot the comp everytime. Err- doesn't mean I do not want that laptop. This just serves as a basic laptop. Just a few functions at a time. And you cannot of course do everything on the phone
6. An address book- what would I do without them
7. A map
8. A timepass- with the games loaded on the phone
9. A music system
10. Calculator of course

I could go on and on but I guess basically one gets the drift,

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