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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Few Resolutions

  • I shall wear a different footwear everyday and not the standard, most comfortable, boring, conveniently lying outside one. Since the more than a dozen pairs of footwear I own need to justifiy their existence, I better wear them than wait for the fungi to set on them. By the way, the dear husband just gave away a few good sandals I had set aside for repair, mistaking them for old footwear to be given away. Making my choices for the morning tighter.

  • I shall wear something else apart from the standard churidar kurta.... I know it is the most comfortable of all attires, but is it not getting a bit too boring?

  • I shall sincerely endeavour to wake up the moment the alarm sounds and not doze off for the next 20 minutes- albeit this is the sweetest and most comfortable sleep of all.

  • Some one sent me a forward- Make the most of a given time- I am still trying to get my head around it. How much more can I maximise? Cutting off unproductive work/ people/ events.

  • I shall introduce more new foods in the kids' lunch box.

  • I must restart the quality time spent with the kids- with their books/ games etc. All stopped because they are becoming too rowdy for my taste.

  • And finally- I need to give a little more time for my reading. I have considerably slowed down after the kids started school this year.


RS said...

Nice, everyday do-able resolutions - I like :-)

Do post about the new food options and books/games for the kids.

Shawn Kirby said...

Nice resolutions. Update us on how they work out.