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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Paid Bribe

Just for a car Transfer of Ownership.

Day 1- I go to the RTo at 9.00 am. Of course it is too soon for a self respecting Gov Employee to be available. The only available person did not give me any details. Even though everything is printed right on teh wall- the writing on the wall and all that. Since I did not have the inclination to travel half way across town from office to RTO office at a decent hour like 11 am when they would be ready to share information, I decided to do what I never ever have done- catch the agent on scooter standing outside.

The agent gave me a bindle of forms to be filled in Multi-plicate. I already had the same formats but he insisted he wanted more copies of them.
I mail the forms to my ex-office and after much explanation I manage to get the forms signed and stamped and sent to me.

Day 2- I give the forms to the agent. He asks for his fees. After a lot of calculations in his head- he asks me for Rs 1200. I coughed up the entire sum because once you are in the clutches of the agent, you have no future. And plus by this time I was already very hassled getting copies of what nots that were needed at that very moment. The agent said come at 6.00 pm the same weekend. I had my doubts whether he would be found at 6.00 pm but he assured me he is always around.

That Friday - I go to the RTO and find he is not there. And neither has he got the Transfer Papers done. He tells me to come on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday- Morning- I reach RTO precisely at 9.00 am and he is not there. all agents are there, except him. I wait for an hour for him to turn up and he says come at 5.00 pm.
I arrange for a person to arrive at 5.00 pm at the RTO. I call just before 5.00 pm to confirm. The person says he is in the hospital with an accident victim. So I need to come at 6.00 pm

6.00 pm- I arrive at RTO office and he takes me inside and the clerk says- since it is 6.00 pm the officer has gone and I don't have the signature.
I make a big scene.
I start talking to people around loudly talking against the agent.

He asks me to keep it quiet and wait.

I hang around and ask a few clerks the exact amount to be paid for Transfer of Ownership. One directs me to the other and so on and so forth but nobody- not a single person confirm the amount. They tell me- ask the agent.

I am called inside to sign the receipt.
The seal and signatures are done. The vehicle is transferred in my name.
I sign the back of the forms and notice a receipt pinned to it. I hold on to teh form and the clerk tugs at it saying this is mine, give me.
I snatch it back and read the amount printed on teh receipt.
Rs 325/ Only.

I ask aloud- So what happens to the balance money from the Rs 1200 you took from me.

The agent escorts me outside and informs me in a pained manner- you do not know the number of people I had to bribe to get your papers in order- including the clerk just now who signed only when I bribed her.

Lesson learnt- 7 days when you go directly, 1 week when you go through agent.
Which is the lesser of the 2 evil, I am yet tod ecide.

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