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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Priya in Incredible Indyaa

Priya is lucky. In the current state of affairs, she is the wife of Suresh Kaushal- a lawyer turned politician- Minister of State for Food Processing. This automatically upgrades her status to a celebrity or VIP. She is sought after at launches, functions, parties and wannabes are vying up to her and trying to be her friend.

Priya struggles with her inner conflicts and is determined that her luck doesn’t run out.

She is the typical Indian wife and cannot naturally morph into a page 3 wife- but as the story progresses; she wears the cloak of high society wife with aplomb and dignity, with a lot of strategic intent working in the background.

She accepts infidelity (even from her side) so that the happily married life is not affected.
She keeps in tune with her youth sons, their aspirations and expectations and even manipulates them with a rare mix of traditional plus modern thinking.

She dodges the pestering Pooonam and her astrologer friends.

She brings back the idealistic friend Lenin to her household.

And above all, she truly becomes a page 3 wife.

The book has its funny moments and especially Priya is so not page 3- it makes one identify with her.

Really, who gives a dustbin as a gift- in reference to an artistic North east dustbin gifted to her husband.

The idea is to refuse to let the brain register the pain (due to the ridiculously high heels)- says Pooonam when Priya asks her about her high heels

She consciously stays in the Taj and does a blink-and-you-miss visit to her brother’s son’s wedding- to put her sister in law in place.

She accepts the term Mrs Menopause very cheerfully

One can picture the thought bubbles in her mind as she observes the numerous safety pins on her son’s face and passes mental comments.

She goes one step beyond the brief and not just says but produces a fictitious wife for her son who wants to escape from the ex girlfriend
Her son rightly says – they (girlfriend’s NRI parents) are so Bollywood inspired that the story that he is already married in childhood ring true to them.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Very hi-fi & entertaining! Sounds like a peppy book to read!

Anonymous said...


By now you must have had a collection of books? so do you keep them or return to the publisher/author after reviewing?