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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Office Shocks

It is Aniket’s first day at work. Fresh out of B school he has a certain image of corporate life. However, he faces shock after shock as he goes through his first day of work that goes beyond HR- proposed office timings.
In his first day at work he has almost seen it all- including a colleague who received a pink slip, a long lost friend who is a colleague now but there is more to her than seems to the eye, people who invite him for drinks and on his refusal, “punish” him with an assignment that takes him to a far flung office, a two timing guy who is having an affair with a lady in office…this and more he faces on his first day at work.
The book is divided into hours of a single working day and beyond.
Probably I am the wrong target audience for this book because it fit for someone who has just started one’s working life.

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Good one..

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