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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Flawed God

Sanchit Mishra – Sancho is an ordinary executive in the Corporate world, leading an ordinary existence, until he gets a mysterious postcard from a mysterious organization.
He decides to take the bait and go to Turkey for an induction workshop into the Collective- a Secret Organisation that is set to change the way the corporate world works- transfer ownership to the stakeholders.
As he works on the key people and achieves results in terms of turning them around into the Organisation’s point of view- he finds his professional life and personal life improve.

He gets a new girl friend- Pause Daniels who also has a secret life.

As both their secret lives converge, the book picks up a sudden speed.

The first half is slow to me. The second half moves forward in a rush. Events unfold quickly. Things fall into place. People change sides or just escape the scene.

The last chapter is a chapter that closes all loops in a filmy manner.
The theme converges corporate strategies, intrigue and light hearted romance, told in a matter of fact manner.

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