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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Burnt Toast

No I didn't burn my toast. In fact toast has been banned for quite a few days in my home- because it has too many carbs and is processed food- So I am really sticking to making rotis rather than sandwiches though I would love to have a yummy chicken cheese sandwich right away.

Well, this burnt toast is about Sandy's debut book (which has a very nice cover design).

Moulshree Dutta has been groomed all her life to become a financial whiz. She is an IIM grad today and is going to start her new life in a hot shot financial investment firm.
Or is she?
In a classic move, Molly walks in for an interview into an ad agency in the same building, accepts an offer which is a quarter of her current pay and ditches the first job.
Molly is the stereotypical MBA complete with jargons & methodology and bright ideas and the combined dislike from non-MBA colleagues who consider her to be too snooty and Ms know it all.
Kanika Anand is the Ms hottie- perfect 10 figure, husky voice and all that and a boyfriend tucked away into some corner – one is not sure whether he really exists. She hates Molly because Molly knows it all and is bossy and all into planning the entire project.
Lajja Mehta Kapoor is the once hot before marriage boss who seems to be a task master boss, jealous of her brainy subordinate Molly. Her husband is posted in Australia for a project and she is being the typical insecure wife living for the phone calls from her husband. She lives with her in laws and that si not an easy task for her.
The 3 women are thrown together for handling their top client – Fairfine fairness cream. The story moves forward with the 3 women getting over their prejudices about the other person and discovering that they could complement each other’s talents without stepping on toes. They discover a friendship that carries them through victories in the job front, creative process and the quintessential heart breaks (not real or permanently scarring ones though- out of which one emerges much stronger and bolder and all that).
Towards the end of the book, the girls discover their true passions and their dreams for their career and life.
The book, apart from being an interesting read, doesn’t contain any earth shattering incidents or major pitfalls in any one’s life. Everything seems to be normal and everyday. There is no big villain, only minor characters like the bad boy Rohit, the dumb secretary who is not so dumb and a brand head who is totally clueless about the brand.
So in effect there is no drama, no action, but this is a realistic portrayal of an ad agency life.
There are too many hindi words which I found annoying. I might be old fashioned that way but I do not like this mixing of languages.
The book also has a total depiction of the Indian fairness market which gives it a feel of a case study rather than a story.
All in all a good timepass and a breather from heavy stuff.


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vote for this if you like it

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this has been on my wishlist too..