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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Myth Quest Series

This series bring to children, stories from our fables of ancient times. We encounter brave super heroes with magical powers and their quest of supporting their Lord & Master- Shiva & Vishnu in His various avatars.

Nandi- The Divine Gatekeeper

These are a set of delightful short stories about Nandi, the Gatekeeper of Shiva’s abode. Starting from the story of Nandi’s birth, the book traverses the course of Nandi’s life with Shiva. We have the story of Prajapati, story of the quarrel with Ganesha, his encounter with Yama and Andhaka and his devotion to Shiva that prompted him to lick the spilled drops of poison during Samudra Manthan

Jambavan- The Immortal Bear King
Jambavan the bear plays a pivotal role in the Battle of Ramayana. He accompanies Vishnu through all his avatars. He is the one who reminds Hanuman of his strength. Surprisingly, he also enters into a combat with Krishna- despite being His devotee- Find out how in this short book.

Jatayu- Saviour from the Skies
The powerful bird Jatayu- was older than the trees, the mountains and most things on the earth. He and his brother Sampati were the caretakers of the birdkind.
Jatayu was a great friend of King Dasrath, Lord Ram’s father. He also was the sole witness to the kidnapping of Princess Sita by Ravana and had fought him bravely but failed. He died and attained Moksha at the feet of Lord Rama.

Each book ends with a short note on the various beliefs regarding Nandi, Jatayu and Jambavan.

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