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Friday, June 10, 2011

Grade I Boys

Yesterday the boys started Grade 1 in the big school.
Compared to the small and personal atmosphere in the junior school, I found this school huge, crowded, buzzing with activity and largely impersonal.
But they were very organised in spotting the newcomers and finding us the right section.
Like last year, both go into separate sections. They were better prepared for it but Ojas did balk at the prospect of getting in first and at the idea that Tejas will be with me until he gets into his class.
But within moments they were fine.
Ojas thinks his teacher is not his teacher because she is also his classmate's mom.
He insisted- Woh m'am nahin hai. woh N ka mamma hai.

The morning goes in a blur- I have 3 hours to do the following
- prepare breakfast
-rush to gym
-get fruits if needed on the way back
-wake the kids up, shove their food in and send them to get ready
-prepare their snack and lunch box (and pack them in their new Milton hot case)
-Fill cold water in their new Milton water bottles.
-Get the kids to pack their assorted boxes and bottles in their new Ben 10-Reebox bags- which was bought much to the disgust of the Dad who wanted to buy a boring and sensible American tourister
-Eat and get ready.
-Drive them to school and proceed thankfully in the same direction to work. Thank God for small mercies
The lunch and snack boxes are a challenge- making them as nutricious and delicious as possible is the key.
Combos and suggestions from my friends are pouring into my inbox thankfully.
Though as Ro suggests, I would love to outsource the lunchbox to eve's lungs


Gayatri said...

- Hope the boys have a lovely time at school :)
- Achu's school opens on 15th. I will have to face all those challenges too.
- Could you forward those menus to me...pleeeeaaaasseeee
- btw I got all the months's bday is one month away :) if you do get a link on the pie please let me know.

Aparna said...

Hey my daughter started 1st standard this year too :). Wow to your managing to pack them off as well as go to gym and then work in your morning routine !! All the best to Ojas and Tejas for having a wonderful time at school.

All I can do to send her off at 6:45, then my son goes at 9, and then I just drop :).

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Why are these boys in such a hurry to grow up, re?? *sniff, sniff*

Ok, as for tiffin box options:
1. Pasta
2. Left over rice can be made into yummy fried rice
3. Grilled cheese sandwich
4. Idlis cut up and made in an upma style
5. Stir fried sprouts
6. Corn salad

Itchingtowrite said...

wow thanks so much

eve's lungs said...

wow I never noticed that !welcome any time :) but if only we lived in the same city !