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Friday, September 01, 2006

Microwave- Which View to Believe

Read this interesting post by has to be me on microwaving.
While I do not want to negate the concerns but I have this article on exactly opposite views. We must choose therefore which to believe.


Has to be me said...

Thnx fr that link! But u know, tho I do use the microwave (predominantly fr heating/re-heating purposes), it is just my gut feeling / intitution that it probably isn't too good fr the human body. Another reason I feel so is cos when preg, they say the m/w rays is harmful to the baby in the womb & not to stay directly in front of the m/w. (there we go...talking abt babies again!)Also, since this is a short cut (to the actual heating) I just feel wary about the same! And BTW, the rays of the m/w is supposed to contain negative energy!

Well in my opinion, as long as we can limit our use of the same I guess (& hope) that it might not cause (much) too much of anything can b poisonous! :)

Twisted DNA said...

It's a never ending debate. My personal belief is, any technology should be looked at with skepticism until it is used over the period of a full generation.

Funny that you havea post on microwave on the same day I had one :)

Hip Grandma said...

i've gone thro'the minus points earlier.will comment after reading both.

itchingtowrite said...

has to be me/ tDNA- my doc friend once said that traditional methods of cooking is always safer and better... i do use my micro quite often - can't do without so...
hip g mom- await your perspective