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Monday, September 11, 2006


I had decided that I will never try to compare my babies with others. Never try to compare milestones & other development phases as each individual is unique.
But I find it hard to not to compare between my twins when I observe the following-
1. one is born with a hairy head & the other is nearly bald
2. One gets rid of the remainder of his cord on day 2 & the other takes a week to throw it off
3. one says mamma 1st & seems to swear at everyone when he is hungry/sleepy & the other yells tatatata & something that resembles "hey there".
4. one begins to crawl & the other is contend to lie down and play or at the most sit & grab at his brother's toys when his is out of reach
5. one is trying to stand & the other is not concerned
6. one has started cutting teeth & the other is blissfully toothless conveniently resembles me & the other his dad in looks, temperment & expressions
My doc said that I must be happy, not watch TV serials & not fight with hubby when I was carrying as it will affect the babies' disposition. But my both babies are of different temperment inspite of being born just a minute apart. Is all this heredity or can be controlled? Any views?


Has to be me said...

I cant answer these for sure but then I know a friend who also has twins...a boy & a girl. They r also different frm each other. The boy looks just like his dad while the girl resembles the mom. And the girl is more light in complexion than the boy.
In opinion thats how the real creator has decided them to be! So lets not ponder over it!

The Visitor said...

Difficult question! I dont know :(

Usha said...

loved all your posts. It is wonderful to see the two little angels - they look alike to me but for the facial hair.
am itching to read more now. :)

starry nights said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and do come again. your kids are just adorable. they look alike just that one appears a little bigger than the other.

mommyof2 said...

I don't think you can control these things.. its all in DNA:-)

La vida Loca said...

your babies are sooo adorable.
Its the DNA....just enjoy them

@ said...

not watch TV serials
really? I didn't know this...maybe the doc was referring to those serials that drrrrrraaag out so much that make you want to pull your hair out!!! Now that can't be good for the babies!

Do they generally have pleasant dispositions? That's probably how your efforts during pregnancy are paying off. Celebrate their differences, that's what makes each one special :)

RandomThoughts said...

Each is adorable for what he is. Unique as each of us are. Still, the common factor is they are your kids.
God! your hands must be full!
Don't worry about these small things, they are yours and that's what makes both of them special!


itchingtowrite said...

has to be me, momof2, la vida code- amazing how creative god can get- for twins only he has so many choices- identical, fraternal, mirror image. & then there is the gene pool to play around with
starry nights, usha- thanks, do keep coming
Visitor- puzzling & difficult question yes- even we are amazrd at the differences
@- doc asked me not to watch the sad, depressing TV serials . dont know how far it has helped. by & large they r of happy disposition except for the bursts of anger when they r sleepy/ hungry.
random thoughts- yes, hands are full. at a given time atleast 4 people are needed to take care of them. the more the better...

Kalpana said...

born even a second later changes many things...

Balaji said...

Please don't compare between your babies and them with other babies. I really feel that it is not a good trait..Competition and all is good...But at the same time they are individuals in their own right who will grow to mature adults in the near future.