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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bus Personality

Types of people you encounter in your office bus

The Seat Grabber- rushes to the bus & has to be the 1st one to enter so that (s)he gets the best seat or seat of choice

The Gatekeeper- Occupies the aisle seat & one has to go on the toes, bend over the front seat and squeeze past his/her knees to reach the inside seats. One may not consider entering that row at all because of the difficulty involved so that net-net this person gets to occupy the whole row most of the time

The Sleeper- Sleeps in the bus- at times even misses the stop. Reclines one’s chair so much that (s)he is almost sleeping on the (un)willing lap of the person sitting behind

The Dueling Duo- Always fighting. For the volume of the radio or the opening/ shutting of the window.

The Fevicol Pair- Will always sit together. Will even request someone for exchange of seats so that the pair could enjoy the journey together

The Conformist- Will occupy a particular seat everyday & will fret if someone happens to occupy that unknowingly. Most of the time, the others in the bus will steer clear of his/ her seat but sometimes some Adventurer may occupy that just for the lark. Has behavioral commonality with the Seat Grabber.

The Adventurer- will occupy a different seat every day much to the irk of the Conformist

The Hog- Occupies at least 2 seats- one for oneself and the other to put the entire paraphernalia- bag, books, phone, glasses and what not. People usually don’t disturb this person unless necessary.

The Busy Body- will effectively utilize the bus ride- send SMS, make loud calls on the mobile (ask the radio volume to be turned down), read books/ newspapers, solve crossword, sudoko etc. Will mostly not converse with any fellow passenger.

The Talkative- will discuss anything and everything under the sun with the co-passenger. Will almost talk the other’s ears off. Different from the Busy Body who talks on the mobile phone.

The Sourpuss- No hi/ hello, will constantly be looking out of the window, prefer to sit alone, others will usually not sit near this person. Will greet the others only once (s)he reaches the office.

The Rapid Riser- is in a great hurry to get off the bus. Will rush/push past the seats / people to get down first. May even stand by the door just when the bus starts entering the premises so that (s)he is the 1st to get off.
Updated -
The Window Seat Patron- Sits only by the window. Will fret if he is unlucky enough not to find one. Has behavioral commonalities with the Seat Grabber & The Conformist

The Backseat Boys- will occupy the last seat or last 3 rows & create great hulla hungama & generally have fun, sing songs, clap and play antrakshari. Mostly the younger group. Will even cheer when any member of the club boards the bus

The Unaffected Passengers- Inspite of the hungama at the back, these will not be bothered and not twitch even an eyebrow. Will occupy several seats in the front. Have behavioural commonalities with the Sour Puss but not to that extreme

Observant Blogger- Observes others keenly to find blog-worthy stuff- contributed by Twisted DNA in the comments section


Keshi said...

LOl good one.


artnavy said...

good one

Hip Grandma said...

Nice observations!!!

Twisted DNA said...

LOL, that's one hell of a list. You forgot one type:
"Observant Blogger": Observes others keenly to find blog-worthy stuff :P

The Visitor said...

The Fevicol Pair - gr8 description. If you are good are caricature -add caricatures of the personalities. Actually your descriptions are good enough, but caricatures will help. Keep the list growing and make a compendium as given here - Web Caricatures (Courtesy Artnavy)

R.E.B.E.L said...

'The Rapid Riser' -- The worst of em all.. I hate those kinds!

Ajay said...

gud one
gud observation :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

thanx for stopping by !

This was a great post .. .enjoyed this as well as the previous one .. thanx so muxh for writing it !

c ya

Has to be me said...

LOL! Good read!

itchingtowrite said...

keshi, art, hipgmom, has to be me, rebel- thanks, good u guys enjoyed it
visitor- wish i cud draw! can't unfortunately
ajay, deepa- thanks for coming
TDNA, visitor- following ur advice, hav updated the list. check it out

Sush said...

That is a good one... I have noticed the same too... once into serious blogging you tend to have this urge to put down everything you observe and even the mundane activities turn out intersting and worth writing :-)) or it just me??

Usha said...

I know - I am amazed at how much an observant blogger's eye catches on something like a bus travel. Vive la creativity and very well presented!

mommyof2 said...


La vida Loca said...


Vinay said...

The farter: You sit next to him and you get the smell of fart. On top of that, he will make strange noises from his mouth to mask the noise from his bottom.

The hogger: Has to have something to eat all the time!

The Kid said...

liked the post. I would like to add the most common of the passengers.

The friendly, fresh (to the office) and tired (after work) who is always happy to get any seat to sit on. Mostly amicable and will politely chat about the usually hot weather (Madras) or about the poetry of everyday life if initiated by the other person but would be content with a smile to the uninitiated co-seated passenger. Always careful about the belongings, because of the unwillingness to fund the pickpocket's dinner that night. Thinking about dinner ?

Too boring. But arent we all like this?