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Monday, September 25, 2006

Weird Things that I like about my Babies

Some predictable, some understandable, some downright weird. This would be a dynamic list that I would like to preserve for posterity – to show to Ojas & Tejas when they grow up.

Love the smell of their head and love their smell after they get up in the morning.
How their pillows smell after 2-3 days of usage
Their cheeks feel so taut when they grin- toothless or otherwise
The smell & wetness of their fingers or feet when they have been sucking on it (Don’t know why but I prefer Ojas’ toes & Tejas’ fingers)
When they “kiss” me
The way Ojas puts the roti/ biscuit to his toes before every bite
When they put their palm or feet on my mouth/ face
When they shut their eyes tight & search for “milk”/ “bottle” from left to right
How cute they look when they sometimes sleep in exact positions
How Tejas loves the A/C
The haughty look on their face when they are sitting at the wheel of the car
Their giggles / screams of delight when they see anyone after a long time
How Ojas gets nervous when I try to make both of them race their cars or play throwball with each other (may be doesn’t want to lose the competition) & how Tejas is not bothered at the outcome at all
How Tejas grabs at the laptop
The way they chase each other on their walkers especially if one is having a toy which the other predictably wants
Love to hug them and sleep – but need to be careful – should not put my weight on them
How they try to “catch” the water flowing from the tap.
The grin & chuckle when we twirl them around or hold them high
The way they squirm when they want to come to my lap from someone else’s.
The warmth I feel when I hold them- how I want to just hug them tight & not let go.
The way they curl around me when they are trying to sleep.
The way Ojas turns on his stomach when he wants to sleep and Tejas turns away from me when he is sleepy
The cool feel when I hold them close after giving them a bath.
The peacefull feel when they fall asleep in my lap- feel like holding them in my lap till they wake up again.
The expression on their face when they are sleeping
How Ojas lazes around for a long time after he wakes up


artnavy said...

my list would be a bit different but I know what you feel

Has to be me said...

:) Sure ur kids wld feel good to read the same in the yrs to come.

Sush said...

This is a unique ojas and Tejas' mom list... good to know... :-).

mommyof2 said...

awwwwww.. All they have to do is to look cute and do cute things:-) And all the babies are programmed to do a good job at that & make their parents go crazy kising them & just thinking of them all the time. Enjoy..:-)

The Visitor said...

Babies are the most innocuous helpless looking beings, but see what power they wield!
Just show them this list when they are in the terrible teens - you're in for it, ITW. LOL

Twisted DNA said...

That is such a beautiful list. I have my list too. I found out that my list keeps changing every month :)

@ said...

Love your list!
My favorite:
When they shut their eyes tight & search for “milk”/ “bottle” from left to right

Keshi said...

awww after reading this now I wish I had a baby :(


itchingtowrite said...

Art, TDNA, sush- to each their own but the unconditional love is the common thing, right?
has to be me, visitor- they might react totally wierd when i show them this list- like mom, come on, chill!
mom of 2- they manipulate without meaning to do so. good marketing people
@- that's the signal for me - when they close their eyes & turn the head i undertsand what they want...actually my mom discovered that for me. perhaps i wouldn't have noticed
keshi- all in good time. all the best

Hip Grandma said...

cute list.makes me want to see them!

Poppins said...

Cho Chweet. Adorable that list is !