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Monday, September 18, 2006

Of bygone days

Buying new books for the new school year,sitting together with Dad & Mom on a Sunday to cover the new books with crisp brown paper, sticking neat labels and using our best handwriting to write our names with a flourish
Writing with chalks on slate or occasionally on the Black Board when the teacher allowed us to do so
The proud work of art with crayons, colour pencils & sketch pens
Reading, collecting & exchanging story books and comics
The satisfaction of a doing homework and submitting to the teacher- on time
Scoring good marks in spelling tests and surprise tests – and the “very good” on our notebooks in red, not to forget the occasional “andaa” or the zero
Using the log book, and doing quick mental maths (can we do a simple addition without calculators now?)
Lunch break & water/ toilet break – and inspite of that – the oft repeated Miss, may I go to toilet?
Free period when the teacher is absent- and how we enjoyed that
Sitting in groups under the tree to share tiffin boxes
Playing Kho, Kabaddi, Book Cricket, Hide n Seek, Catch-Catch, 5- stones/ marbles or making castles in the sand
Frenzied preparation for the school annual day- songs, dance, drama and fancy dress sports
Elocution competitions and practicing hard for debate and recitation
The games period and the fun we had starting from ring- a ring of roses in primary class and going up to badminton and throw ball in the higher classes
Craft classes and SUPW
Rushing for window seats in the school bus
Punishments (kneel down/ stand up on the bench/ get out of the class) and impositions (I shall not talk in class/ I have not done my homework)
Playing with friends in the playground near home
Making notes and studying for exams
Writing exams and then waiting for the report card until the 1st fifteen days of the holidays
The assured long holidays and going to “Native Place”
Writing and receiving letters – eager wait for the postman
When TV had just 1 or 2 channels and we used to play carom/ ludo/ monopoly at home and not fight for the remote

Days bygone will never be back. Let’s tell this to our kids and ask them to slow down and enjoy life. Let’s switch off the TV and play with the kids instead. For like how I am writing this, one day they will reminisce about how their parents used to read to them or tell stories or play with them. Let’s live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment as it comes by.


artnavy said...

Nostalgia offers so much solace does it not?

Tanushree said...

miss,may i go to toilet please? how embrassing it to ask at that time again n again just to have a min away from teachers's eyes...

great days are those, i still remember of bunking first ime in class nad one of my fren, we both were hiding in paly ground and our prinicipal had seen us..
wat a terrific moment that was...

but, really a fun yaar...

itchingtowrite said...

tanushree- welcome - bunking is really fun- even now - from office
art- u gave a new perspective- solace- good one

The Visitor said...

Going down memory lane is always nice. :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

How I miss those days!I guess our kids will have their own special memories!

dimbulb said...

Forming secret societies, with three, two or even one member :-)
We did that!

@ said...

sweet, innocent memories :)

Harini said...

kids of today are missing out on half the lovely things you mentioned.... its all computer games and tv now! **sad**

your post made me reminisce all the wonderful days of skool.. i really miss skool..... :)

true, we must learn to live life to the fullest and not just exist!

ps. - thanks for your wishes. :) i'm hoping to see my derams take form of reality someday... :)


noon said...

Nice post...Really how can we bring the charm of such simple things for our children to is so much faster and more complex now! SUPW! God! Holidays to Native place! Sweetest of em all!

itchingtowrite said...

IQA- nice thought- abt kids having their own special memories..(instead of we inflicting ours on them ??)
dim bulb- secret societies- like those mentioned in enid blyton books
@, visitor- what would we be without our memories?
harini- welcome, tv offers a wide possibility in the form of history channel/ geographic channel but only if the kids see it..
Noon- yes native place indeed. now its paid holidays / resorts that shape the travel memories

Hip Grandma said...

You are right.Spend as much time as possible with your children.This time will not come again.

Rio said...

loved this have captured the essence in the simple joys of childhood that we all miss and have nearly forgotten. nice memories revived becoz of this post! thank you :)

Just like that said...

TV and PC have already taken away so much of the good bonding times..
wonder whether there are still more things to come by the time our kids get to be our age, which will the world an even more harried palce to live in... :-(