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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Diary on Milestones Met (rather Unmet)

10 months and lot of milestones are unmet. Am I bothered? Not at all!! Yet, would want to record it and tell other mothers later. Read on only if you have the time. It’s a long one & I do not want to edit out the details.

1.Walker- My boys are not attempting to walk. Heredity may be. Mom says I walked after 1.25 years. (Really! that’s unacceptable. I must have been too wary of walking.) They are attempting to stand up but walking? Not at all.
After lending a patient ear to all points of view on giving the walker to the child, we decided to unpack the set of walkers that Ojas & Tejas had got as gifts a few months ago. Primarily because they used to wail the moment we went out of sight. And I was freaked that they would touch something dirty on the floor or pick up an ant. A walker would help them follow us at will. People say walkers are bad, but so what? Let them start walking late because of the ill effect of the walker but atleast they will be happy in their new pursuit.
While Tejas who relies overtly on his own motor skills, whether it is for feeding or climbing our lap or grabbing the mobile phone disliked the walker instantly especially because he was going backwards rather than forward, Ojas was simply thrilled! For a long time he had been frustrated about his inability to crawl. With the walker, he discovered the joys of freedom- he is busy exploring corners, glass shelves, banging the doors and even escaping from me when I try to offer food to him. He follows his football kicking it in the process.
After a few days Tejas became quite savvy with the walker & he chased Ojas when he wanted the toy he was having. Tejas loves to open the cupboard & gets thrilled to pieces when he manages to do it. The other day he dragged my dress material out of the cupboard & then “walked” the entire house with it trailing behind him like the train of a wedding gown.

2. Sipper- Lot of mothers with kids of same age as mine are now using the sipper. And even Dr. Spock says how babies should be introduced slowly to the sipper & then the cup after 6 months. What about mine? They throw their sippers away in a rage- together with the “aay” sound. While they love to use their bottle caps as cups & act as if they are drinking from it but the sipper- no no. They seem to dislike the snout particularly.

3. Responding- My babies were responding to anyone but each other until last month. I was so worried. Surfed the net and discovered that a particular set of twins realized that they were separate entities only when they got separated at college. Weird! Probably that’s what was happening with mine. I figured out that they were regarding each other as a part of a whole so did not feel the need to talk. Only a few days before I noticed the change. They are smiling at each other, “talking” and even showing affection- hugging, “kissing”, caressing the face & head. Sigh of relief. The other day a friend came with her daughter of similar age. We offered her a “foot”ball. We saw Ojas & Tejas looking at each other. I am sure there was some silent communication as Tejas crawled at a great speed, snatched the football and brought it back to home turf. Bad manners! But rejoice, atleast they are friends.

4.Crawling- Finally Ojas started crawling last month. More than us, he was dismayed every time he tried to crawl. The backward crawl was ongoing for 3 months. But he was concentrating on body building- doing push-ups instead of crawling. I was not worried as my sister had never crawled and I knew it did not matter if they mis a milestone altogether. But for his sake, I wanted him to crawl so that he could enjoy making new discoveries. Since he is so dexterous with his feet, I was quite surprised he was unable to get the trick right. He can hold anything with the help of his feet- bottle, toy, pillow. (refer picture)

5.Reading- A friend and also Dr Spock says that the time is right to start reading stories or picture books to the babies. They love to hear your voice and by the year end they will start pointing out at the relevant picture when we say A for… etc. So, with great enthusiasm I bought a plastic coated, bright yellow, picture book and presented it to my little monsters with great aplomb. They loved it. Loved to eat it, snatch it from each other, throw it- all but “read” it. So I brought out a giant fairy tale book & started reading out aloud. The reaction- grab at the pages- they almost tore my favourite book from my childhood and yelled when I took the book away. So much for literacy and so much for the books I read and puzzles I solved during pregnancy. I thought some rub-off may happen. (Please God! I want them to be like me and love books). Ok, let’s face it. They will read & blog online in their past time (refer picture of Tejas)

6. Teething- Tejas has begun – has four little ones and Ojas is happy to be toothless. They say if they cut the upper teeth first, the Mama (mother’s brother) has to feed them kheer (rice porridge) in a silver bowl with a silver spoon to ward of ill luck for the Mama. Tejas is all set to get the silver from his Mama.


artnavy said...

Milestones are meant to be broken- either way-is it not what you do at work with projects?

Anonymous said...

Tejas and Ojas look so cute,all kids look so cute,isnt it:) and he looks so busy with the lappy,i am sure they will write blogs and read books like you do:)
I read all your posts here in one shot:)you seriously should name yourself as supermom:) for managing two kids and office and home,gosh,only a women can do it,isnt it.
by the way that post relating to home CEO made me laugh,i know many of such guys and now i too tired to be angry at them:) we just can pity such ppl.
i will be back here again and again to read all the posts on Tejas and Ojas,by the way what is the meaning of the name Ojas,i know what Tejas means.


The Visitor said...

Your lists are now becoming legend ITW. Great list. :)

And Ojas is the guy sitting in an easy chair, smiling happily and Tejas is the guy busy working at the laptop isn't it? (Promise I didn't peep at the legend). Their postures and your description match so well. Regarding they writing blogs you could be in for a surprise!

Hip Grandma said...

mile stones will be crossed as andwhen they g'daughter no.1 learned to sit up before she turned over.the 2nd one born to another set of parents turned over at two and a half months and is now rolling all over the place.since she can move around at will she seems to be less inclined to crawl and wants to sit up.enjoy motherhood.

@ said...

I loved, loved this post!!
Finally a milestone post I can relate to!!! Most others I track are of older kids. your kids are so so cute - I can't believe the foot dexterity of T and the seriousness of O at the laptop :)
But the coolest is the 'look' they shared before grabbing the football :)

Oh, and about the reading: oh yes, the fairy tales are too much right now. K will do the same or worse, run away (ie crawl away rapidly) from me - I find that very insulting!! But, he loves loves books that can be squished, ones that make noises when pressed, books iwth texture. so try to see if you can get them and yes, let them have fun with it! (ie chew, toss around etc etc) Look for usborne publishing - they are a big hit with us.

starry nights said...

Beautiful post. loved the pic of Tejas with the lap top.he looks very interested in what he is doing. Every child is different and will do things at a different pace.Just enjoy those beautiful children. I feel like giving them big Huggggggggggggggggzs

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Romba romba sweet post!!I was also wondering what Ojas means.

Has to be me said...

Cute pics! Whens their bday? Cos my daughter is also 10 mths old now. She also tries to stand but doesnt walk. My son started walking when he was abt 11 mths old. My daughter also doesnt like to crawl but moves with her bums!
And chill, Im sure they wld also like to read n blog...just give them some time!

itchingtowrite said...

art- LOL- rather update the milestones when it seems u can't meet the deadlines
aalapana- welcome. & look forwadr to seeing ur views again &again. Thanks to my inlaws & (my mom for the 1st 6 months) & anyone who comes to stay with me i am able to manage

IQA, Aalapana, has to be me- Ojas & Tejas mean the same - brilliance, actually they were born on diwali morning last year (1st Nov) therefore the name. Ojas is otherwise named aryamman (means sun), tejas is named eshan (lord shiv/ sun).
has to be me- when is your daughter's b'day?
Visitor- u r right abt the names vs pictures
hip grandmom, starry nights- heartening to note the encouragement. as parents we sometimes start feeling bad / worried
@- foot dexterous one is ojas & laptop guy is tejas....thanks for the info on usborne. will try to find. and relieved to note that k is not interested in books or rather as interested in books as mine- i was feeling quite bad abt the progress they were making!!

Nee said...

Very nice list. I'm sure with you around they will take to books soon enough! I seriously can't imagine how you manage twins, a home and a job outside. Kudos to you!


itchingtowrite said...

thanks for the encouragment Nee

itchingtowrite said...
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@ said...

oops, sorry, i got the two mixed up!! after a month or so of chewing the books, K was curious to know what was in them :) so yea, now he will sit patiently, while I read - but only the kind of books that i mentiond - certainly not fairy tales - lol!
btw if you can't find usborne in chennai, see if you can buy them online. let me know if u need specific titles.

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. Nice post. We through all of those. What we realized is that whatever the net says or how much ever we want him to do a certain thing, kids take their own sweet time :)

About reading, that's one thing I highly recommend. Our kid didn't pay attention initially, but now he loves books. He tries to "read" anything he can get his hands on.

Sush said...

wooww... the cutie pies they are... reading and blogging... just wait a little longer and before you know they would be doing that too... and the snaps... can say captured the kodak moments... loved them both..

itchingtowrite said...

@- thanks, will try to locate them
TDNA- hope mine also get started on books when time comes
sush- kodak moments have been captured by my sis... will pass on the compliments to her

the mad momma said...

will take up your tag soon. son just been brought back and i have my hands full! as for your two, they look very happy to be doing just as they are doing. meeting schedules is a part of the rat race... leave them out as long as you can... and once they start walking you will wonder why you ever wished for it!!! and with twins... my God.. its a death wish for any mother!!! wait till they both take off in opposite directions.