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Monday, September 04, 2006

The OT

They wheeled her inside the OT at 4.30 am. Or what she thought was an OT. It was a room just outside the OT where they kept all the equipments etc. She was in queue as there was another patient inside. Not again, she sighed to herself, queue here also.
She saw her doctor in the surgical attire. She had never seen her doctor like this before. She used to always be dressed up in a silk/ starched cotton sari with make –up to perfection, matching eye shadow, jewels and all. And here she was in the blue surgical attire and not at all her usual talkative self. She watched her doctor as she said a silent prayer to herself and perhaps mentally prepared for the surgery and felt a strange mix of camaraderie and alienation. Then it struck her perhaps for the first time that she was not just one in so many cases for her doctor- like they usually say. But she was one of her many “key result areas” like the HR people say in any other profession. She was accountable for the outcome and her performance appraisal would be based on all the cases she handles. Hence every case needed the utmost care and perfection. Perhaps that is why the doctor never completely delegates her case to the junior doctors. Even if it is a simple exercise of removing the stitches she insists that she takes the final look. And when it comes to checking the baby’s heart beat, she repeats it inspite of the fact that one would have taken the scan a few minutes ago and seen the baby’s heart galloping.

The other patient came out from the OT softly groaning. She made a mental note to not to groan when she is wheeled out of the OT, but to bravely bear the pain.

As she was taken in and the preparation being done, she asked her doctor how long the operation would take, eagerly waiting for the anesthesia to be administered so that she could escape from the dull pain that was going on for at least 12 hours now. Soon was the only word she heard and then breathe deeply as she drifted off to a welcoming, 45 minute long anesthesia induced sleep.


Gamer_Dude said...

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Has to be me said...

Hmm was this u, b4 u had ur twins?

The Kid said...

Wow again ITW. Looks like you have changed your writing style. A very poignant first-person writing. I like it. I can even see your marketing jargon sprinkled here. very nice.

Who is the protogonist? you or an imaginary character. lemme guess... the medically induced coma process was realistic... so I guess it was you.

PS: even if I had sounded condescending I did not mean to. OK? My vocabulary is restricted to condescending words!

The Kid said...

btw, what is expansion for OT?

itchingtowrite said...

gamer-dude. thanks will stay in touch with your blog.
H to be me/ Kid- yaa its me. Kind of wanted to record the impressions for posteriety and to relate to my boys.
Kid- OT is operation theatre

hari said...


There is a certain charisma, a gravitational pull in your writing very essential for story writing.

Though it would have much easier here, since it was your own experience, still I see a good budding novelist in you. Try it out, who knows....... we can boast of our own Ms.Rowling, incidentally you have twins right at home to draw inspiration from.

itchingtowrite said...

hey hari
thanks for the compliment

mommyof2 said...

I agree with other about ur writing style:-) Good work!

Hip Grandma said...

went thro'6 of your posts today.You write from your heart and it shows.not to worry.your boys will be fine!