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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Factual Fiction-Yet another day in office..

…predictably begins with me plopping down on my black coloured ergonomically designed chair, switching on the CPU while at the same time delving into my large size bag amidst the trash that has settled comfortably- that Femina that had seemed too big to get into my bag a week before and I had cruelly folded it lengthwise to fit it in, has almost disappeared into the depths of it, the comb that does not turn up when needed but pricks me most annoyingly otherwise, folded currency notes and a treasure trove of coins (the bank can forget about these out of circulation coins) falling out of the unzipped inner pouch, pieces of paper soiled and frayed beyond recognition, bills paid long ago … sorting among such junk to reach that single untagged key to open my drawer…logging in to my ever slow system, waiting for the mailbox to open, sorting through the persistent junk mail that at times seem to outnumber the work mails ( I must not delete the work related mail by mistake, like I once did), the compelling forwards tempting me to open them and forward them in turn …As I write this, the phone rings and the day gets going…until its 5.30pm and I close shop after a few rush hour e-mails, last minute additions to the power point presentation, the last google search for the day and the final phone call – all packed into the countdown 5 minutes of the day…


Twisted DNA said...

Nice description of your day :) I envy you that you get to leave at 5:30 while we keep slogging until 7!

La vida Loca said...

I agree with twisted the words of my collegue "i am die hard today"

artnavy said...

i totally agree with the coins thing- i do not know where they hide when you need them

Kuan Gung said...

Typical day huh? Sounds familiar...

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