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Friday, September 08, 2006


How would you be, my babies when you grow up?
Would you be like me or your daddy?
Would you be handsome or cute and good?
Would you be kind and good natured?
Would you still love me and need me like you do today?
Would you be creative, fun and jovial?
Will you involve me in your aspirations, dreams, despair?
Will I be your friend?
Most important,
Would you be a responsible and good human being?

From what you were when you were born to what you are now…
I wonder how you will look when you grow up …


mommyof2 said...

awwww.. loved the pic in red.. so its a girl & a boy? crying one is the girl in foirst pic,right? :-)

Meant to ask in your previous post comment, you didn't know you were having twins??

The Kid said...

wait a min, ITWB. I thought both were boys. So, they are fraternal twins ?

both look really cute!

The Visitor said...

They really are cute! :)
They must be more than 2 handfuls! LOL
Dont worry they'll grow up into wonderful human beings!

Twisted DNA said...

Beautiful pics! I miss holding small babies in my hands :)

They will grow up to be wonderful like you :)

dimbulb said...

How exciting!
Twice as much fun!
Do post more photos:-)

Dr@ma Div@ said...

i always wish i could have twins one day.. finger crossed

hari said...


They are two little angels. And a lot depends on you and your husband to retain them that way all through their life.

itchingtowrite said...

hi all
thanks for the lovely comments. both are boys. though 1 looks very much like a girl. may be becoz i prayed hard that god shud giv me 1 girl & 1 boy. god changed his mind in the last minute. i knew there were twins right from the beginning

itchingtowrite said...

dim bulb & drama diva- welcome

Has to be me said...

cutie pics! Ur boyz look damn sweet....esp in the red kurta. Im sure they wld be super guys when they grow up.
How do u manage handling the twins?

Nee said...

Simply adorable. Brought a much needed smile.

mommyof2 said...

my bad:-) I am bad at guessing but try to do anyway;-)All babies look the same at this age.. I mean sometimes its hard to tell if its a girl or boy.. And I thought I saw pink bedding in the back so one must be a girl:-)) adorable..

Rajitha said...

AAAwww... they look soo adorable..

controlfreak said...

Since i know the parents i can confidently say that the boys will grow up to be goodlooking dudes,warm hearted with a great sense of humour.