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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Am I getting obsessed?

All that I want is to talk of my babies. Everyday I relate to all my friends, relatives and colleagues about the exploits of my babies. Sometimes I even repeat them to the same person to my embarassment. I call my parents long distance to share this new trick that they have learnt.
I think of them all the time. I find myself staring at their photo on my desktop screen at work. I share notes with other new mommies. I am already registering in schools. I hum nursery rhymes to myself and look up new ones to sing to them. I smile to myself when I think of them.
The only discussion that I have with hubby is about the kids. We laugh at their antics and muse about their future. We are already imagining them at sa re ga ma pa or the likes of that. We have absolutely no adult conversation happening. Its only baby talk all over again.
My husband doesn't take photos of me anymore and nor do I of him. Every month I upload their snaps and send them to all whom we know. I go to the shops if I need to buy something for the kids. Suddenly I am visiting all blogs that talk of parents' experience with their kids. Not to forget the number of books and websites on parenting.
The virus has spread to my parents/ in-laws/ sis/ brother too. They rave about the babies whenever they call up or meet.
I am constantly watching out for new signs of development- like crawling, sitting, teething etc. I am forever vigilant and on the look out for potentially evil things that may harm my babies - like piece of paper, the small speck of dirt, too much of tv.
I look at others' babies and mentally compare with mine. I like to show them off to others. They have become like a ticket to the social circle for me. Like my uncle puts it- 'Suddenly you will find yourself very popular". I have become famous in my building because of my twins.

So is all this obsession or every new parent reacts similarly?


The Kid said...


This is wierd, but I wrote something that I desperately want people to read... as many as possible. I wrote it when I was in a bad mood so dont mind my attitude in my blog...

Please let me know what you think!

mommyof2 said...

ahmm.. I feel the same way and I think all the mothers think & act the same way. Its ok to be obsessed with your creation:-)Show off while you can, once they are little older they won't let you do that:-)

Have you heard that story when a girl ask her father about his next visit to her and he said he will come when she turn crazy. She didn’t understand but next time when her father went to her place she was sitting in dirty cloths, all messed up hair & babbling to her son.He just smiled & said “see, that’s what I meant”:-)

so go crazy:-)

Has to be me said...

Hi I2W,
Firstly thanx fr stopping by my blog & hope u frequent the same! :)

Next u've an absolutely brilliant blog! Just loved it & saw a lot of similarities with me. Like what u've said here abt the kids is soooooo true in my case too! I realised I was indeed getting obsessed with them & hence have consciously toned down the same cos I didnt want to bore all with the same!

Also Im a lot into homeopathy...thanks 2 my mom for that!

And just loved the post u;ve written on the food joints...Im just waiting 2 get to chennai to rejoice the same....esp the fruit shop on greams road etc!

Also enjoyed reading the other articles! Well done.

@ said...

hehe :) and that is exactly why all my new friends are mommies!
Within the first couple of months of momhood, I realized how this was going to be and would sing to my son -
"en ulagam unnai suttruthe". Literally, right?

k's mom

Twisted DNA said...

I think every new parent does go through a same phase. Some people get out of it and some dont' even if the kids are 20 years old :) (or 30, in my parents' case)

We have an 18 month old so my wife adn I talk about our kid all the time. But one thing I am sensitive to is, I never bring up my kid when I am talking to others. the only people we mention to the kid to is our parents thats all. Because I have been in situations where people talk endlessly about their kid, as if there is nothing else to talk about in the world, and leave me bored to death.

artnavy said...

Nice post itchy.Feel much empathy here.T-DNA is so right.... I try very hard to resist but somehow have not yet mastered the art. My hubby is better at it

itchingtowrite said...

momof2- agree on the crazy part. parents do that and grand parents go crazier!!
has to be me- thanks for the good words. agree that weshud tone down but lets blog to our hearts content on our babies' exploits
@ - thanks for dropping by. I do not follow too much tamil. ha ha anyway my doc asked us to sing to the babies & i really go overboard with that

k's mom- where r the comments?

T-DNA/ artnavy- yes I know how boring it is to hear too much abt others' kids/ others' office/ illness etc... must start doing some more of reading to have new / up-to-date topics to discuss on!!!

Hip Grandma said...

you are very normal.we've all done that.

The Visitor said...

LOL @ ITW - Great post! Have fun. Its good while it lasts! As TD has warned, just be careful that you dont get labelled "a bore" by "other people".

Actually I now have a different obsession - talking always about our pet (we are first generation pet ownwers)- the only friends we now have are other pet owners, and we're persona non grata in majority of our relatives' homes. :(

@ said...

" @ - thanks for dropping by. I do not follow too much tamil. ha ha anyway my doc asked us to sing to the babies & i really go overboard with that

k's mom- where r the comments? "

- My screen name is @ and I signed off as k's mom. so there're both me :)

Anyway, sorry I assumed Tamil since your profile said chennai - "en ulagam unnai suttruthe" means my world revolves around you. from a song in Gajini, had just released around the time DS was born. How old are your kids, btw?

itchingtowrite said...

hip gmom- thanks for assurance- feels good
visitor- i know -pets is another topic that people go on and on- my aunt took me to a dinner at her friend's place & believe me am not exaggerating- 2-3 hrs of conversation revolved arnd both their pets
@- my kids r 10 months old. i hav got mrried to a chennaite. and chennai is my karma bhoomi too. i am from bihar