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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Many Thanks

Hi Guys
A warm welcome to all the new visitors on my blog. I have been relatively unsocial the last few days and want to make it up by replying to all the comments on my blog
HHGrand Mom- love to have you and your inputs on board. Will look forward to continued visits and insights from you. I recently read Sudha Murthy's Wise & Otherwise. Proabably you would find it interesting.

Visitor- Don't ask me how I reached your blog. I am new to blogosphere and hooked on. Just discovered how to add blog links to my page and am in the process of adding them. Yours would soon be up on mine as I like the way you summarise the happenings on blog world

Vibhor- Thanks for dropping by. Great 1st post. keep it coming
Rohini, Rajitha, Ardra - thanks for taking time to read my blogs. will look forward to your comments


The Visitor said...

Why are your links and profile at the end of all your posts? Is it intentional or is there a fault in your template?

itchingtowrite said...

hi visitor
don't know how its happening... am not too tech savvy so please u ll have to help me out in correcting it. do keep telling me hopw to improve/ improvise... i am yet to discover how to customise my template...

The Kid said...

You still have your "edit-me " in your links. It would look much better without them.

Go to your template tab and scroll through the big template file and manually search for the line with "edit-me"... it will look something like this..

href="http://editme!" Edit-me

enclosed in tags.

(blogger is not letting me include tags in the comments)

Go ahead the remove the whole line and hit the preview button. See if you have not remove some other tag. Then save the template and republish.

The Visitor said...

Hi ITW - seems that the page has righted itself now! or maybe pratap's suggestion set everything right.

@pratap: to include tags use
& l t ; for <
& g t ; for >

in the comment field :)