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Friday, August 18, 2006

Have More - at these restaurants - in Chennai

Radisson Kabab Factory- top of my list - for the yummy kabab buffet - book in advance and arrive around 7.30 pm for the unhurried meal
Rain Tree- ecologically sound Ecotel- great buffet but found the dessert menu lacking
fisherman's Cove buffet - destination eating- amazing selection of salads in the buffet
Park Sheraton- yummy desserts
Dhaba express- go for the cenatoph road one- cheap & best- when you are in the mood to eat a lot without spending much money- the butter chicken is yummy
Fruit Shop at Greams Road- wide range of juices & shakes - try the fruit cocktail regular
Shakes & creams- a little too noisy- good for the college crowd, slow service - can't catch the waiters' eye even if you are doing a nice dance at the table, but teh food is worth it- the pizza is quite Indian, fresh & unique. also the serving of the fruit Salad & shakes is very generous
Coffee Day at Indira Nagar- for the ambience- suits both a casual setting or a business one
Food Court at Ascendas IT Park- great setting, ambience and the food too- Chennaites watch out for the KFC coming up there
Kabab Court- try the Mughlai Paratha - very filling , service not too prompt though
Subway offcourse- very filling - won't feel hungry for a long time after that
Cascade & Mainland China- for the authentic Chinese meal- do experiment with the chopsticks
Mansukh's, T Nagar - authentic Gujarati meal, try the pattravadi, dhokla & the take away snacks
Cake World- adyar- Cheap & good cakes, snacks - try the black forest cake


Rohini said...

Hey. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Now I know where to eat the next time I am in Chennai.

The Kid said...


you are unbelievable... you visited my blog and then happily commented Ramya's blog! what is this? I too would love to see some comments in my blog, you know...

btw, this Ramya does not really like me... (suddenly one day deleted all my comments from her blog) ... the blame is all mine, I played a really nasty trick on her!

anyway, good to know you came to my blog and happy blogging!

Rajitha said...

Hiya, Thanks for dropping by and leaving in your comments. Managed to read all your posts, good stuff.. Happy Blogging!!

vibhor said...

hi dear,
quite a good stuff...
will definetly keep it in mind whenevr i will be in chennai..

keep writting..

Hip Grandma said...

don't eat out that much.but will keep the list in mind

prakash said...

One more to your list. Sanjeevanam, an ayurvedic health restaurant from the makers of Medimix. They have 3 locations--Mugapair, Nungambakkam and Adyar/Gandhi Nagar. They even have a website (don't remember URL, you can google it).

I have been to the Nun. and Gan. locations. Both times, had the Rs.100 Rajakeeyam lunch thali. They recommend that you eat the food in a specific order for health reasons.

Loved the food, and the experience.

Warning: Apparently my parents went there once for dinner, and the food was tooooo spicy. So they hate the place.

Has to be me said...

Thanks. Will surely check these out! :D