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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Why does the phone ring when you are in the bath?
Why do you get atleast 3 calls waiting only when you are on that oh so long call?
Why does your husband ask you for that sudden date on that day when you are too busy to even die or rather why does a meeting crop up when the opportunity to bunk work presents itself suddenly?
Why is the last peanut always rotten?
Why does it definitely rain the day you did not carry your umbrella or does not when you take the trouble to take your umbrella with you
Why do you eventually forget that birthday which you remembered until say 11.30 pm of the previous day?
Why does the boss always catch you during that 15 minute net surfing you stealed off?
Why is the petrol tank dry the day you manage to get your husband to let you take the car?
Why does the net/ lines go down the day the crucial report has to go?
Why does it happen that on certain days we walk in to office and see that almost everyone is attired in similar colours?
Why do logistics fail certainly in big/ crucial projects?
Why do important couriers reach after the due date?


The Visitor said...


Have you heard of Murphy's Law?
If anything can go wrong it will.

Hip Grandma said...

Thanx to 'the visitor I got to know murphy's and Sod's Law. My explanation is simple.If these things didn't happen then life'd be boring.Like if the car didn't run out of petrol how do you blame the hubby,fight with him and then patch up?

itchingtowrite said...

oh blaming the hubby is great fun. the other day I forgot to pay teh phone bill & my only worry was whom to blame as hubby was out of town!! infact whenever things go wrong my hubby pr-empts- where am i at fault tell me ?
vistor- yaa murphy 's law is good fun & very true

artnavy said...