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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Women in Love

What happens when 2 women are in love with the same man? There is bound to be jealousy and squabbles. And what if the two women share the same name; the same spaces and sometimes even the same kitchen? Conflicts? Competition? And how exactly does the man play the balancing act? He loves both women albeit in different ways. He would like to believe that he is treating both of them fairly. Sometimes the novelty of one relationship may take precedence over the time-span of the other relationship and vice versa. But definitely he would have his preferences and biases. I wouldn’t call such a relationship as triangular. A triangle would bind the relationships, whereas to me it is boundless. So, to graphically put it- if one were to draw a straight line, the man would be the centre and the 2 women would be on the extreme ends of the axis- the object of either’s love is same but directionally opposite. And these two women love the man too much to blame him so the blame goes squarely on the other woman in the man’s life. And that is when the conflict begins and the man gets pulled into it whether he likes it or not.
A little bit of intelligence could sort this out easily.
1. the basic understanding that no body hates the other coordinate in this whole game- even the two women
2. time – together and exclusive – no matter what, when 2 women get together there are enough gossips and bitching to bond them
3. space- to each other – hey be practical the guy cannot always take only you out for shopping or function- some occasions warrant that both of you join him
4. sportsman spirit- hey be a sport- one of you have to be second. You both can’t be equally good at everything – be it at cooking his favourite dish or being his idea bouncing board or being his best friend…
5. and remember – times change – you could be or would have been in the other’s shoes some time or the other…

Hey, did I mention that the women in question are the much talked about Mom in law and Daughter in law?


Ardra said...


itchingtowrite said...

hey ardra

The Visitor said...

LOL - good post - nice punchline!
Hey - but there is no conflict at all!! Because each gives the man different things.

The Visitor said...

PS: How did you get to my blog?

Hip Grandma said...

i guessed the ending but it was nice

Usha said...

True - look for thinks that unite than those that separate. basically an intelligent relationship from both sides is what will ensure peace. The MIL has a choice - she can gain a daughter or lose a son too - her call!