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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Homeopathic Medicines I Swear By

My Grandma & Mom have spend years on reading up and experimenting with homeopathic medications. A few medicines they recommend to be always stored in my medicine cabinet-
Arnica Mont- Physical injury - visible or not visible & Mental stress- Much as we would like to avoid, there will be occassion when our growing baby would fall and hurt itself. A dose - meaning few globules or 2-3 drops mixed in water would help in reducing the swelling or the other harmful effects of a fall

Aconite Nap- given at the onset of a cold - it actually drives away the cold in many cases. give right away when you hear a few sneezes or observe the eyes watering. My friend & I swear by it. can give if the nose is running and the mucous is watery

Bryonia- in case the child has caught the cold and is suffering from running nose and the mucous is thick and heavy

Belladonna- cough

Cammomila- loose stools especially green/ blackish or during teething. also effective if the baby is generally cranky or crying a lot.

Ipecac- vomiting

Nux Vom- loose motion/ indigestion/ stomach pain/ vomiting

Apis Mel- if you suspect there is some stomach infection

Symphytom mother tincture- if you suspect there has been a hair line crack or there is a need to use a crepe bandage if one has hurt itself in twisted a hand/ leg/finger etc

For infants below 6 months you can use the potency of "6" and give it 2-3 times a day

Potency of 30 pr mother tincture can be given for older children / adults- 2 times a day

Other medicines-

Natrum Mur 3x- for insect bites. eat a few globules neat or mixed with warm water and even make a paste and apply on teh affected part

Silicea 12x- a little strong medicine- to be administered with caution on infants- for any foreign object lodged in the body- anything in the eye/ thorn or glass piece in the skin

Ferrum Phos 12x - cough

The good thing about homeopathic medicines is that it has no adverse/ side effects. Just ensure that the medicines are taken 20 minutes- half an hour before brushing/ eating and atleast upto 20 minutes- 1/2 an hour later do not brush or eat anything. Buy only good quality medicine - I have more faith on the german one - i think its called B&T

Disclaimer- the above is compiled based on personal experience only. incase it does not work within a few hours or a day please visit the doctor. I do not claim it to be an authority guide and neither am I a doctor. Its your wish to follow or not follow the above


Banana said...

Informative stuff. Agree with most of these having mom practiced them on me :-) Cheers

hari said...


Some very useful information indeed. Can they be consumed for adults as well or effective only for infants, especially the first few ones in your list.

itchingtowrite said...

thanks banana & welcome

Hi Hari- yes can be used for adults also, actually even for pets - these work very fast on pets
for those who are very interested in actively pursuing homeopathy as alternative home remedy, they can actually buy the books like materia medica or other guides and a basic starter kit of important medicines

Twisted DNA said...

One of the principles of Homeopathy is that the ingredient used to treat a symptom is based not on the symptom itself but on the on overall nature of the person who is having the symptom. So the things taht worked for you, in theory, may not work for other.

I grew up taking Homeopathy medicine. But now I don't believe in that medicine and write it under fake medicine along with occupuncutre, occupressure and oil pulling

wikipedia has a great article on Homeopathy

The Visitor said...

One of my relatives had eczema in her toes and she went for homeo treatment. After taking the medicine the entire thing got worse and the eczema developed in other parts of the body. The doctor said that it would happen, but would finally result in a cure. And surprise of surprises, she was cured! Now she doesn't have the problem.

I am scared of homeopathic medicine or ither alternate forms of medicine - primarily because I dont understand the basis of their working. Some are of the opinion that at the worst they do not have any negative effect.

itchingtowrite said...

hI tdna, nice info on oil pulling. had never heard of it. agree that homeo works as per your body / temperment. that's why what i had listed is only which have been used across types of people. I do not know how it works but these have worked. actually for every ailment the books prescribe 2-3 medicines. depending on a person's constitution or the cause behind the symptom, the right medicine works..
Hi visitor. its true that homeo first worsens the ailment first & then cures it.

The E HomeMaker said...

i think you shud put a disclaimer on this post...

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