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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Travel Tips for the Frequent Flier

Yesterday I went on a business trip to Mumbai. Was travelling almost after 1.5 years - thanks to high risk pregnancy and the delivery thereafter. Barely managed to reach the airport within few minutes of the aircraft gates closing. Not to forget the hours I spent the night before on the packing.
Thought I will just put together the good practices I used to follow during my frequest flier days

Even if you can tele-check in, it is always better to get your office travel agent to do a city check-in & collect your boarding card 1 day in advance. Get your choice seat- prefer the front so that it is easier and faster to get off especially at Mumbai & Chennai where aerobridge is more common (you can only get off the front then).
Set aside 1 bag only for travel purpose. Don't use that for anything else. Keep 1 toilet kit and a medium size towel (the thin cotton one so that it can dry faster),1 newspaper, 1 paper bag/ plastic bag, 1 small lock with key inside it always.
Toilet kit should contain your toothbrush, small size paste, soap in soapcase, soap strip booklet, 1-2 shampoo sachets, perfume/ deo, shaving equipment as per choice, small pack of lotion/ moisturiser, 1 leaflet of bindi for the ladies who use it., 1 lipstick in a standard brown/ maroon colour, 1 small nailpolish bottle, compact powder, eyeliner for those who use it. Remeber to replace the toiletries that would have expired.
Ladies please keep 1 hand bag/ purse strictly for travel purpose. my be your lipstick/ eye liner/ copact could shift to yoru purpose along with 1 small mirror, 1 comb. Leave some cash handy in your bag so that even if you forget to keep you will have some safety stock. For the real forgetful types - you could even leave 1 ATM card & 1 credit card inside- I mean I am sure we have multiple of those now with the umpteen no of free cards that we get.
Always better to travel light. anyway you need the space to fill in with stuff bought there. The rule should be 1 dress per day plus a few extra casual ones. Keep as many repeatable trousers/ duppatas/ salwars - 1 black & 1 off white should always be included
If you are travelling in the morning, then night before itself, keep your bags as close to the entrance as possible. Pre-make sandwiches and keep in the fridge. Morning straight away put it in the toaster . Or grab a fruit before leaving home. Keep your ticket, home keys, money the night before into your bag.
Leave home in such a way that you reach atleast 30 minutes before departure time. Add another 20 minutes for check-in baggage.


hari said...


Nice blogname you have. This is one itching which you enjoy having and is very healthy too.

My comment is on your previous couple of posts. Frankly it is great to see a selfless,rational and practical DIL in you. If you practice what you preach, there is a lot that other women and men can learn from you.

With this attitude, you would definitely be a real good wife, a better DIL and among the best MIL in future.

itchingtowrite said...

Thanks Hari
thanks for dropping by. keep coming. will wait for your comments. While I admit it is sometimes hard to practice what I preach especially when I am in a fight mode with hubby but I am working on it... requires patience & self restraint & less feeling of self rightousness

Hip Grandma said...

good tips.looking forward to more