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Monday, October 06, 2008

What are We Playing With Nowadays

Sound of Music
This mini key board costed us a 100 bucks- has pre set tunes of 7-8 rhymes and songs. A switch of a button converts it to a key board that can be played. The sound is not so musical but as a first keyboard it will do fine.

This mini cars and aeroplanes made of colorful moulded plastic. (See pic above) Costed about 50 bucks and the car has a towing hook also. There are various models of vehicles- very realistic ones with fine mechanism- of cranes, road rollers, trucks etc - costing upto Rs 150.

And Drumrolls...finally bought the Hindi alphabet tray... Only vowels- waiting for the consonant tray

And Tejas, no matter what, will place the ऐ first and he believes if ऐ is A then ओ should be called B
25 piece complicated puzzle can be now done by self- strictly without looking at the design! And silly Mamma feeling bad that they don't need her anymore to help in the puzzles!


Anonymous said...

O = B, he's logical that one is LOL. Mine used to make a V, put a line in the centre, turn the slate upside down and present a perfect A. I wondered at the effort - why could he not write it correctly the first time?????

Mama - Mia said...


wow!! you are turning them into regular genius minds, arent ya?!

they seem super happy with their current set of toys!! :)