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Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to Saas Bahu Sensex and SajjanPur

Yes, watched the 2 of them back to back- without even getting over the feel good factor of the 1st one. I just love this genre of movies, so easy to relate to and fit in almost wishing how nice it would be to become a part of it. The presence of one or a few well known actors who don't dominate and take the attention away from the rest, keeping the pressure to minimal, adding a flavour without imposing and taking the simplicity away- is the trick behind such genres. The stories were, well, predictable but woven smoothly throughout, the ends knotted and finished neatly. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face throughout, at times a grin or two got thrown in too.
If one is looking at some earth moving performance by any actor, I am sure one can't find it here. They are very normal, everyday kind of movie- excrutiatingly slow at times. The movies should have been 1.5 hours length that's all.
Teeny Weeny Spoiler Alert
Welcome to Sajjanpur
I liked Divya Dutta, Ila Arun, though they were slightly over the top and loved the Kunal Kapoor surprise- the character I was beginning to dislike and hope to be the worst for the sake of kinship with the lead actor but did a total 180 degree in attitude the moment he came on screen.
Saas Bahu & Sensex
I found the Kirti girl very shallow and irritating but her final comeback- perhaps she wants the money too (rather than just love) made me finally understand her- nothing wrong in wishing to be richer-atleast she was truthful in that way. I liked the camaradiere displayed in the Jethmalani family - wish I can be a (future) Mommy like Lillette Dubey to my kids!


Monika,Ansh said...

I have been wanting to see both these movies but never got the chance.
How did u manager to see them back to back?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved Sajjanpur. After this I am tempted to see Saas Bahu and Sensex

Artnavy said...

sajjanpur i liked

i was adviced against saas bahu
now maybe i will watch it

Mama - Mia said...

wanna catch both these!

they are already outta theatres in blr! so a DVD watch it is! :D Moserbaer hopefully! :D



mayG said...

yeah I watched saas bahu in the theater... great for some halka phulka fun when you're in the mood to unwind.
will try the sajjanpur one next as per your recommendation.