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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Today is blog action day Poverty - Today, in their words- thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue - poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!
On this post, I would like to put down the actions we took in our business - baby steps towards the larger cause we ultimately aim for. "Touch Wood"
We have hired and trained potential persons from the "poor community" and provided them employment opportunities in our BPO & other ventures.
B was working in our home as a household help. She indicated her interest and working knowledge of computers and we moved her to our hostel and employed her as a trainee. She was a slow starter and took quite some time before she started really contributing to the project. In due course, she moved for better prospects- a new job in a bigger BPO.
A's father worked with Hubby's father throughout his life- he is his right hand man till date working in our prawn venture. When A came to us looking for prospects, we hired him on a fulltime basis using him for office administration and he has become like a jack-of-all trades.
Most of our employees are people from nearby villages/ local schools - sons of barbers, electricians, etc. we provide them accomodation in Pondy and train them completely before attaching them to projects.
Though these are small steps and probably symbiotic as we are a start up business but we are working towards something much more God willing, as our business picks up.


Monika said...

wow!!! kudos to u... brilliant work done

Chaitali said...

Well done! All the best...
I try and help people who work with us in small ways. But giving them employment or a means to generate income is the best help you can give them.

WaitingforSunshine said...

Keep up the good work.All the best.

WaitingforSunshine said...
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Indian Home Maker said...

Wow...shows how we can do so much in our daily lives, all the best for your future plans too :)

Rohini said...

Oops. Wrong comment, I think. Just wanted to say that I think what you guys re doing is pretty awesome!

Prarich said...

Mama - Mia said...

wow ITW! That is indeed brilliant.

heres wishing you greater success and hope for many more! :)