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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom-Lessons for October

1. Diamond with Silver- means cashew sweet or any milk sweet in diamond shape with silver foil!
2. Sun -poo- Kid speak for Sunflower in English plus Tamil (not my kids!)

3. MIL- S has put Internet in his house naa?
Me- ???non commital huh (what's the big deal? I thought he already had it)
MIL- current goes off for an hour plus in the afternoon and his house is very hot that's why
Me- Light bulb moment- You mean inverter. Ha ha. Internet is for computer
MIL-You mean internet is for computer and Inverter is for the whole house
Me- Well, sort off!

4. Bombing the City- A new game made up by kids where in the kids group as the four metros and the chosen city is supposed to be bombed (how- I couldn't find out)


Hip Grandma said...

Happy Diwali ITW!

Artnavy said...

bombing the city- how sad - reflects the times we r in

the prawn farm looks like an exciting project

Monika,Ansh said...

Oh the MIL bit was hilarious :)

Happy Diwali :)