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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Concept Lessons- Question Hour

I purchased a rubber sheet which had the various shots of the globe with the world map. Pretty soon the tussle started between the kids & me that they want the other rubber sheet with flowers on them (now how does it make a difference on what they are peeing on?)
So to get them interested I began showing them the various continents and an idea moment happened.
The same night my substitute for lullaby/ bedtime story was the following-
Me- What is inside Universe? Space
Ojas/ Tejas- aaiii..... *crying* this no story..
Me- continues determined- what is in space? Milky Way
O/T- Noooo, no duddu story
Dilligent me- what is in milky way? Earth
And so on progressing from World, Land, Continent, Asia, India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Our area, flat complex name , Flat no accompanied by their wails of protest.. ultimately ending with
Who are inside flat no?
With great aplomb- OJAS TEJAS
Finally that did the trick- they loved this whole thing and I had to do many repeat performances, with them answering most of them correctly.

And another set of 20 questions
Me- What is in the garden
O/T- Butterfly/ pots
Me- what is in pot
O/T Soil/ Water
Me- what is in the soil
O/T- Plant
Me- What is on the plant
O/T- Flowers
Me- What is in the flower
O/T- Fruit
Me- What is in the fruit
O/T- Seeds
Me- What is in the seeds
O/T- Plant!!

Me- what is in kitchen
O/T- gas
Me- what is on plate
O/T- Dosa
Me- what is on dosa
O/T- egg
Me- what is on bed
O/T- Sleepy
and so on.... they have caught on the drift and respond excitedly

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