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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Of Cars and Songs and Lady-Man

Teacher- Have you bought a new TV?
Us- No
Teacher- Ojas & Tejas were mentioning you got a bi.....g TV.
Us- That's the movie they went to!

Teacher- Have you bought a new car.
Dad- Yes...we
Me- Glare, Glare ...looks that say, now how is she supposed to know that we are thinking of buying a car
Teacher- Yellow car?
Me- Sigh, that's the toy they bought from the store.
(Thank God the teachers don't think we are a bunch of liars)
Apparently this is what the kids enlighten the teachers during "conversation" class. Wonder what secrets are being let out!

Ojas- Mamma sing Na na na... (this is Rock on, Meri laundry ka ek bill song)
Mamma- tunelessly sings Na na na na to the tune of We don't need no education...
Ojas- No, aise nahin, wrong
Mamma- so you sing and tell me how.
Ojas- sings Na na na perfectly, in tune!
Yes I am amazed baby

Tejas to Mamma- Give me Thanda pani (cold water), thoda sa misking karo- (mix a little bit normal temperature water)
Tejas to Dadda- Mamma giving thanda pani, Mamma bad girl
Tejas to Mamma- kaun thanda pani finish kar diya? (who finished the entire cold water)
Now what is his problem!

Mamma filled water in a glass and left it on the kitchen platform for Tejas to pick up.
As it often happens while taking the glass, he dropped it and water spilled on the platform.
Before Mamma could scream at him, he started crying- kyon big kiya? small karo. (why did you fill it so much, fill only little)
This coming from someone who insists I give "big" water and not "small" everytime I give him water.

We were test driving the Scorpio
Mamma- is this a nice car?
Ojas- this no car this Jeep
Yes off course- excuse me while I feel ashamed of my ignorance

Mamma has been adviced to introduced atleast 5 new words every few days to Ojas & Tejas
So Mamma starts with introducing the concept of Gentleman & Lady
Mamma- who is Ojas
Ojas- Gentleman
Mamma- who is Tejas
Tejas- Gentleman
Mamma- And Mamma?
Both- Lady
Mamma- And Dadda?
Both- Lady-Man!!
Ah Well, don't let your Dad hear that will you!

Their Time-Out location is the Bean Bag.
Once in frustration Mamma said- Mamma is getting time out now, she will sit here and not talk to anybody and only cry
Ojas smiling indulgently- Ab Ojas? (now shall I take time-out?)
By the way, they love givng each other time out!

The teacher adviced us to focus on their pencil grip.
Well, I don't think I need to do that.
Just saw Ojas calling Tejas- Tejas come here, we do painting.
He took a tiny chalk piece and demonstarted how he is supposed to hold the chalk piece correctly between the thumb and index finger and then pushed it into Tejas' hands who held it correctly, and then proceeded to paint on the book.
My job just became easier

Mamma- Do you want to speak to Mamu (on phone)

Both eagerly take the phone and say- Mamu? Mamu dehendal (rowdy), Mamu Bandar (monkey), Mamu pitti (slap, proceeds to hit the phone)

???? what did my poor brother do to them?

Mausi- Mausi going home?

Ojas- nahin pehle khana kha lo(first eat your lunch)

Perfect hosts!


Indian Home Maker said...

LOL :)You describe this so well.
Brings back so many lovely memories....:)

~nm said...

Lady-Man!! Hilarious!!!

How do we know said...

i LOVED this post!

Monika said...

ha ha ha lady-man i am still laughing :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I got nostalgic for mine who have grown up now. Loved this post!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hahaha! Loely post! Can I have them,please?

Rohini said...

they really are double the fun!

Mama - Mia said...

i so so love O and T updates!

so ofcos i thouroughly enjoyed reading this one!! :)